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Fake it till you make it? Perspective. Faking confidence vs having confidence. When you’re busy faking something, you’re choosing to spend your energy on that. Not to mention you’re being inauthentic. How do we become confident? It takes work. Daily work. Learning to love everything you have to offer with no justification, no comparison to others; because remember, you are one of a kind. Most of this comes from heart. Not mind. The mind stops us from moving with heart. It’s puts up all the road blocks of what-if, fear of failure and perfection. Compassion, empathy and understanding (perspective) starts within you. When you start showing yourself these attributes you will naturally start to live it & share it with those around you. The girl in this photo was 26 & wasn’t taking the time to look within but rather hide behind makeup and clothing. I disguised lack of confidence with external materialistic things. Growing is a beautiful thing. Realizing that “faking it” took energy I would prefer to invest elsewhere. This was a game changer. When I started to live authentically & started to loved to woman I looked at in the mirror; my life took a major shift. Because living authentically and investing in myself was where I needed to spend my energy. I want you think of energy as an asset you have within you. How do you spend it and what’s your return on that investment? Comment below ⬇️ #TBT
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Your imperfections are marks of authenticity... And that is the beauty of you. #isaacfowler 👑 . . . . . . . #imperfect #imperfections #thickgirl #thickandcurvy #plussize #plussizefashion #redhead #bentley #curvygirlsvip #thickthighthursday #whittier #tbt #repost 🤭🤫#yumyuminwhittier #styleandcurve #thecurvealliance
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Need some more sunshine around here 🌞🌞🌞
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