Just a little shot of the box braids done by the amazing @cassandraalora ❤️ this protective style took hours but sooo worth it ! If you’re ever scared about trying out a look (or anything new), take the chance and embrace it !!! We used the @devacurl Melt Into Moisture while styling 💕 . . . . #protectivestyle #curlyhair #curlyhaircommunity #cgmethod #myhealthyhairjourney #myhaircrush #curlyhairstyles #naturalhair #protectivestyling #fleek #curlygirlsrock #teamnatural_ #dev#deva #deva #teamcurly #3c #curlfriends
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Not. Too. Shabby. I love good hair days. I love being able to count on my products working. Every. Single. Time. And counting on my hairs to look good even at the end of the day. A working day to boot (and I’m talking sweat and all). And then the next day too 🙈 I almost cannot believe I’m writing such a confident post. The audacity. 😂 The thought of even writing a post like this 6 months ago makes me mortified. I never would have been able to do it. Never. Just didn’t feel that confident about my hair. But I tell ya what. Boy does it feel good to feel good about myself.
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#FacialFriday So here's a little snippet of how I use some the products I love to keep my skin clear.This is just a few of the products that I use, but these are my faves so here goes: To remove my make-up start with @dermalogica Precleanse oil. In my opinion, this the best make-up removing oil that I've ever used. Use it with dry hands on dry face to really break down the make up then rinse with water. Next you want to take off all that residue, so I'm using @urbanskinRx Even Tone cleansing bar. Comes in a jar with 2 sponges. Wet one of the sponges with water and rub it over the top of the bar and wipe your face down making sure you get all the dirt & make up off your skin. Saw this on @hif3licia page and have been dying to try it. (#hif3liciahelped). Saw them at @thehueaffair and jumped on their deal. Loving it! On to exfoliation... I'm using the @ski@skintasy Bamboo scrub. Smelled so good...very zen. What I love is that you can exfoliate for several minutes without the beads ever evaporating so you get a really good clean scrub on your skin with this product. Then I use @kiehls calendula toner to really get my skin nice and clean and balance the pH. As you can see there's no residue, no dirt, nothing left over on my skin from my thorough cleansing & exfoliating. The cotton round was completely clean. Calendula is also very healing for acne so this helps with breakouts as well. It seriously smooths out my skin. To moisturize I'm using @skintasy moisturizer which has become one of my top favorite moisturizers. Not only do I get great moisture from it but it is the absolute best primer under my make up that I've ever used! Don't forget your eyes! I'm using @sheamoisture youth infusing eye cream to give moisture to my eyes. Pro-tip: use your ring fingers to apply eye creams. It is the weakest finger on your hand so it won't pull on the delicate skin around your eyes. Skin care tip: never forget to treat your neck and chest area just like your face! Those are the areas that show aging the fastest: eyes neck, chest and hands. So treat them all to maintain your youthful glow! . . . #curlyhair #skincare #makeup #allthingsbeauty #healthycurls #curlyhairjourney
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Ainda sobre mais um recebido da @fro@fronhasantifrizz 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Essa touca de cetim maravilhosaaaaaaaaaa, to apaixonada! Esse tamanho é M e tá disponível para compra lá no site da @fronhasantifrizz e ainda tem cupom de desconto viu: seguidoraslindasdathai ❤️❤️❤️
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