I couldn't dry refresh my day 3 hair this morning thanks to a busy day yesterday of work, reflexology and supply shopping where my hair spent the entire day in a bun held in place by my @thepuffcuff and @goodyhair twist pins! This meant a good refresh was in store for today, which is something I don't usually do. I wet my hair down with lavender water using a spray bottle over the shower, until my hair was soaking wet but I did not rinse out any of my wash day products. I then used praying hands to apply a little bit of @moptophair Curly Custard before doing some pulsing/scrunching of my curls to encourage my curl pattern, and added these root clips that I picked up at my local @dollartree before diffusing to add volume and also to try to re-train my part! I'll post a pic of the results too. Thanks to @honestlizhere for root clipping tips! 😊 . . . . . #3ahair #3acurls #curly #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles #cur#curlygirlmethod #CG<#CGM #CG #curlygirl #moptop #curlystyles #rootclipping #volume #refresh #fullrefresh
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