🥌državno prvenstvo
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Started off the morning with a 7-6 win after being down 0-4! Time to bring my caffeine levels up to normal before Game 5! . . . . . #gaycurling #hurryhard #curlingrocks #westerncup #yyc
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“What’s the Call” Each week we’ll post a scenario and look to you guys to let us know what you’d call. Feel free to interact with one another (but please remember to be kind), and if you’d like send us a scenario we’d be happy to post it and see what others think. Here’s this weeks scenario: - You’re red rocks - You’re down 2 - It’s end 6 of an 8 end game - Last rock of the end
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Proud to watch my nephew Bret Jackson compete with Team Michigan in the Pacific International Cup curling competition at the Richmond Curling Center. Teams from all around Canada, the US, Brazil, Australia and India continue to compete through this weekend. Go Team Michigan! A champion will be decided on Sunday. #cur#curling #curlingrocks #curling #curlingcanada #curlingmichigan
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Jason and @tinfoilfoster’s team won the winter league championship for the @tulsacurlingclub #sofun 🥌🥌🏆#curling #curlingrocks #finderssweepers
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Marco Hösli - Triple takeout and roll in ••• Got any great shots you’d like to see on here? DM me the video or link or email me at [email protected] ••• Via :@greatest.curling.shots #curlingrocks #wmcc2018 #olympiccurling #curlingworldcup #wmcc2019 #curlinglife #curlingcanada #curlingteam
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