Who run the world? CURLS. 😉
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After a #bekekoacut some of our girls just want a #twistout for their style opposed to a wash and go. We first clarified her with Be Clair sulfate free clarifying shampoo to remove build up of all prior products used. Then we cleansed with Be Clean cleansing conditioner and finished the wash process with a steam hydration treatment using our Be Lola deep conditioner 💕 For styling we used Be Hold Gel and 3 in 1 Be Clean cleansing conditioner.
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When we look back, we’ll say these were the best days of our lives.
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@natalialens_ we’re so glad you’re loving #thecurlyco diffuser, cause it clearly loves your curls! Those ringlets are everything! 😍
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HBD! Honey!💕
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Libre, en paz con todo, en perfecta armonía con el amor de mi vida, que es mi hija, así es como me siento en estos momentos!! No lo cambiaría por nada en el mundo! 🌺🍍 Buenas noches familia! 😘
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