The legendary super golden milk I see all these articles talk about! Tried it for the first time! Its like drinking indian curry lol #goldenmilk #tumeric #vegan #foodporn #hollistichealth #cureforthecommoncold #supersaiyan #hilife #explorehi #superfoods
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A day in the life of Logan. #cureforthecommoncold #blessyou #achoo #holywater
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Sorry kids that I’ve been so MIA. I’ve been working hard and fighting sniffles. 🤧 Good thing I got some veggie soup to pick me up! 🍲😍 #itsmagic #veganeats #garlic
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The eagle flies on Friday. #eaglerare #cureforthecommoncold
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It’s winter ❄️ in Australia 🇦🇺 and I’ve come down with a cold 😕 The good news is there has never been a better time for a hot buttered rum 😆 . Hot Buttered Rum . 2 tablespoons hot buttered rum batter* 2 oz gold rum Fill with hot water (4+ oz to taste) . Mix batter with rum and then fill with hot water. Add whipped cream on top and grate cinnamon and nutmeg over the cream. Garnish with a cinnamon quill and star anise because 😍 . Hot buttered rum batter - I found this recipe somewhere years ago but can’t quite remember where. It’s delicious. . 1 quart quality vanilla ice cream at room temp 1 lb unsalted butter 3 Tbsp. Cinnamon 3 Tbsp. Nutmeg 1 Tbsp. Vanilla Extract 1 lb. powdered sugar 1 lb. brown sugar . Mix until smooth and freeze. . Hot goodness with whipped cream and lots of spices and rum... I can’t think of a better cure to the cold! And of course, no straw in #strawlesscocktailweek - Cheers everyone and stay healthy 😄 #koktails #cocktails #hotbutteredrum #butter #rum #cinnamon #nutmeg #cureforthecommoncold
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If I was a Doctor 👨‍⚕️ who had just found the cure for the common cold, how irresponsible would it be if I just kept it to myself? . Or if I JUST helped the patients that walked into my neighborhood hospital or clinic. They’d get the cure, but no one else would. . That’s so limiting. . EVERYONE deserves to know the cure.🙌 . At every hospital, in every city, in every state, in every country in the developed world 🗺!! . That’s what changed in my 10th year of being a financial advisor. . I couldn’t just settle for helping the hundreds of people each year or thousands of families over my lifetime. . Millions need to be exposed to this knowledge!!. . The knowledge that we at @90d@90daymoneypro share with the public - the step by step guide on how to become a #MoneyPro - has proven to transform the lives of the people who go through this process. . Calling it a “Full Money Makeover” doesn’t give it enough credit. . To learn the crucial financial information that should have been taught in schools, but you and I and @garyvee all know that it never is discussed in the classroom, check us out. . True smart and optimal financial decision making is at your fingertips. . Let’s spread the financial “cure for the common cold” from coast to coast, border to border, and beyond! . . @90daymoneypro
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J is recovering from a cold. Some spicy chorizo should help shake the cobwebs away! E jealously guarded her generous side of bacon! Yum yum. @commissary_rp #breakfastinadelaide #eggs #bacon #cureforthecommoncold #smashedavo
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This made my morning honey and down-townzz’s will clear up the common cold if you let the lordt use ya 👍🏾😊😁😂 #morninghumor #morningmotivation #morninghead #cureforthecommoncold #comedians #funnyvideos #gm #thu#thursdayvation #thursday #blacklove #blackcouples
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