In the Galactic Window between space and time. I am everything I am light, limitless, All, One. Beyond my human mind and all I would believe. Fractals, universes, Everything, I AM, ALL. Expand beyond what your human mind can see now. All is energy flowing, vibrating, colour, sound, connected to everyone, every place, every time, every universe.💎 💎 Channeled light language and activation 1 during the current Stargate opening. (A4 sized drawing is available)
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Gratitude Stephanie @dragonstoneminerals The fluorite is beautiful. Glowing happily in the end of day light yesterday. Thank you also for the Sodalite 😘 Fluorite~ helping to promote clear communication. It’s healing energies help when there are issues with ENT problems. It also helps absorb negative energies from the environment, cleansing the aura and chakras whilst protecting us from psychic manipulation. #loverocks #crystalmedicine #energetix #crystalresonance #beallyoucanbe #crystalinebeing #riseandshine
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You are ✨M A G I C ✨ stunning reminder from #Repost @the@theritualstore ・・・ I N F I N I T E • REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, You are an infinite being, an extension of source, you are divine, full of magic, everything is within you. The Time is NOW, to embrace your higher aspects, your truth, your soul and your connection to the Divine ✨✨✨ @theritualstore As we ascend as a collective, so does GAIA, she is a living being, remember this planet has so much magic and beauty. As does the Universe ✨✨✨ and so do you dear ones ✨✨ #theritual#theritualstore#infinite#universalwisdom#ascension#higherself#loveandlight#highercalling#starseeds#lightworkers#magic#vibratehigher#stars#crystalinebeing#activations#gaia#fifthdimension#multidimensionalbeing#spiritual#mindbodysoul
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paint this picture using only the colors u see in your eyes from the aura waves that stain the pixels. What color am I? 📷@na8vrob #singer #writer #model #actress #spiritualbeing #beingoflight #celestial #supportlocals #aura #chakrabalance #reikihealing #crystalinebeing
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💎 The crystal Temple within every cell 💎 ✨A couple of years ago I would talk daily to my Star Family. It felt as a one way communication because it was me looking at the stars and talking in my mind to them. I also asked if I one day could see them. And within that same year I did. ✨💫 I felt a presence in my room and on my right side I saw a beautiful Star Being standing next to my bed. His/Her body consisted out of light, with blue, white and yellow bright starry like crystals and universes in it. I was in awe and really excited, but then my mind started thinking and I didn't knew what to say and I got a little bit scared. I'm regretting not being able to talk to him/her or being open to really receive this visit. But I now realize I did receive. The gift I had been given was seeing how a light body looks like and knowing that it may seem that we are talking to ourselves but our Star Family is hearing us and are here with us ▫ ✨💎. I now remember this visit because of this on demand piece and some of the information that came through. I feel it's important to share with all of you because of how are bodies are holding more light and we are shifting so much right now. The information I was given is: ▫ 💎Your body is a crystal temple. Within every cell of your body you have a world of water and a crystal spinning in the middle with a lot of potential we haven't tapped in yet. So imagine how many cells we have and how many crystals that would be. We would look like this beautiful Star Being I saw 5 years ago. Now we are holding more light every day and our bodies are shifting because of it. What is happening is that the crystals within us are adjusting. At this moment some of the crystals are spinning fast, others too slow and some not at all. And this is what's changing within us. Our DNA strings, our light within us is amplified and the crystals within ourselves find their natural way of spinning. ▫ 💎✨ Connect this information why we love crystals so much and why we want to work with them. It's because the crystals we hold and work with are actually tuning into our cells and our own crystals. They work together. Continued in comments...
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