Which class(es) will you be attending?! I have a few extra ones (Friday and Sunday) just for this week that I will be teaching with some dope instructors! Can’t wait to move with y’all. #lashawnjonesdanceandfitness #lashawnjoneschoreography #dancefitlashawn #cardiodance #dancecardio #zumba #equinox #crunchgym #hiphopdance
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🔥the result🔥 After 12 weeks I have gained a total of 50kg to my lifts and mostly sharpened up my technique, feeling no pains, aches or discomfort with my lifts. BIG shoutout to coach @jlyft ,he has really helped me through the grind and really fixed up big 3s . S: 155kg B: 110kg D: 200 Now onto bodybuilding 🙌🏽😉
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Good night! Posting from now because I'm subbing a few classes earlier on in the day tomorrow 😊. See ya soon! #LanoasFitnessSchedule #CrunchGym
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