An indulgent day spent stitching ... or maybe lazy? Either way it’s been a wonderful day at home with my little family 👪 #stitchmaynia #flo#flosstubeinstagram #flosstube #dimensionscrossstitch #crossstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram
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#30daysofcloseupstitches (still behind) Day Fifteen: solemnly, swirly letters (and a little creative lighting -nofilter) . #slytherinatheart More on the #fiddlesticksausal . Swipe for full picture. As always, feel free to join in at anytime and shoot a message over with your email if you need the pattern. All houses included, but I would love to see a Ravenclaw join us . @onestitchatatime46 pulled her Gryffindor one out of the WIP pile and joined us. @laylagaia is making great progress on her Hufflepuff start. @solerstitches is zooming along on Gryffindor as well. And @thehufflepuffstitcher is doing her name justice stitching up those yellows . Current counts: Gryffindor - 2; Hufflepuff - 2; Slytherin - 1; Ravenclaw - 0
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Buongiorno e buon sabato 💛 come vedete dalle Storie, non sto ricamando un'ape in questi giorni, ma il mio "logo" 😊 vi farò vedere un po' di "work in progress" giorno per giorno, magari fotografando con la mia reflex perché il mio telefono è pessimo 😫 Stasera si va al cinema a vedere "Animali Fantastici - I crimini di Grindelwald" e poi una pizza ✨🎥 🍕 Quali sono i vostri programmi per stasera? 💛🌙
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