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Beautiful walk up to thrift wood and across to Silsoe this morning.....definitely a hint of spring in the air ☀️ #skyscape #littlefluffyclouds #springsaroundthecorner
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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...” -Ecclesiastes 3:1 . This week I want to talk about the seasons in our lives. . Yesterday as I sat in church and looked at each of my children — my youngest sound asleep, my oldest repeatedly asking me if she could go and sit with her friend, my second oldest upset because he wanted to know where his younger sister got her cookie from, and the younger sister (my third), making herself known to those around us so she could “share” their snacks — and in that moment I thought to myself, this is my season of life right now — motherhood with little ones ♥️ and then my mind went deeper into thought... . I reflected on some of the other seasons in my life — my teens, being in my 20’s, early years of marriage, studying at uni as a mature aged student, becoming a first time mum at 28 ... and in each season I saw how I was more often than not, not entirely present in that particular season of life I was in. . . There have been times when I’ve thought to myself, if I was 16 again I’d not worry about what other kids thought; or I’d think, if I was 18 again, I’d take time to sit in the kitchen with my dad and watch him cook and ask him questions, instead of being in my room so much; or if I was 21 again, I’d not be so fearful and pursue studying at uni despite not knowing what it looked like to begin. . So as I looked at my children yesterday at church, I felt a strong impression to be so present in this season of my life right now — being a mum with young children — so that in years to come I am not left thinking, I wish I had sat on the floor and played with them a little longer; or I wish I had stopped comparing myself to other mums thinking I was less than they were; or I wish I could tell myself that I was doing amazing despite all the trials that loomed above our heads. . This epiphany doesn’t mean I’m going to be perfect at it; but an awareness of the cycle I don’t want to fall into, will have me be so much more conscious of my actions. . Each season of life will always have its lessons, and there’ll be “a time to weep, and a time to laugh.” What season of life are you in right now?
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Perghhh seronoknya masing2. Sampai ada yg x boleh move on katanya. Hahahaha siap ada yang nak promote pakej kami kpd kawan2 lagi. Perghhh terima kasih atas sokongan anda semua. Feedback honest dr ladang tau. Hahahaha . So bg mereka yang berminat boleh pm dan kami boleh bg tarikh kpd anda. Hehehehe jum bercuti beramai2 . #cuticuti #jalani_nikmati_syukuri #creatememoriestogether #traveling #travelphotography #travelguide #cuticutimalaysia #jalanjalan #singapore #singapore🇸🇬
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