Hi I'm Daisy and I'm adorable. I've cheated death at least 5 times, but I'm doing better than ever. I might still be a little dingy but I love my human mom and she loves me. 💕🐶 #crazydaisy #crazydoglady #lovemyfurbaby #dogsofinstagram #shesafighter #babydaisy
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We're all just doing the best we can! 💕💕💕
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What else do people do in the sun but walk the dogs?? 🌞
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I’ll never forget you girlfriend, I mean how could I you were a hell of a good time 😂. And you play a HUGE part in my story! I actually owe a lot to you — you made some pretty big mistakes and without those mistakes those much needed life lessons would have never been learned. . I get it, you were doing what everyone does in college — partying it up and enjoying the heck out of the “best years” of your life. But you and I both know things got out a little too out of hand. It went beyond college, it led to some pretty bad depression, alcohol abuse, and years of self hate. You cried a lot, and you settled for way less than you deserved. You let food control you, anxiety win, and turned to that vodka bottle one too many times. You said and did some pretty dumb shit. But you are the part of my past that I honestly would never try to change, but I will admit I’m glad you’re gone! 👋🏼 I’m glad you finally saw your worth, and listened to that voice that had always been deep inside telling you what you were truly capable of. I’m glad you have learned to love who you are and found a community that helps you just be the best version of yourself! If only you knew then what you know now a little sooner, you’d probably not regret so much 😏 but none of that even matters because one day you’re going to look back and be DAMN proud of who you’ve become!
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