More than just elephants being saved @elephantnaturepark these are some of the #elephantnatureparkcats and @kimmytkaplan because #crazycatlady runs in the family
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I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on a European Christmas when I realise I can’t knit my cat a jumper and have decadent cocktails together 🐈🎄🍹 📷: @lissakiri #fomo #uglychristmassweater #crazycatlady
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ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! We have a gigantic announcement to make! Drum roooolllll please! 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Are you ready??? This Happy 🍍 would like to cordially invite you to visit our website at! We've been working our little 🍑's off over the past several weeks! As we promised on Episode 107 of The Next 90 with Nick Podcast... Happy Pineapple is now open for business! Shopping cart included @nicklong365 😉😋! December 15th 2018 marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in our lives. If nothing else comes of this little adventure, at least I can say we did it! If we never sell one tee shirt the investment was 100% worth it! It would be worth it 1000x's over because in the process I've found my faith, I've found my purpose, and I've found my Happiness! The most important victory I can take away from this journey is that I've found myself again. Or a better version of myself. I can stand here in all honesty say that yes, I am infertile, but that's not who I am. Not anymore. I am NOT broken, and I am not lacking. I may not be able to make babies, heck for that matter I can't even speak clearly, but you know what? I am who I'm supposed to be 💃💃 Extra AF. If you've been following us and reading our posts, you already know that our faith has guided us through this journey every step of the way. We were planning on launching with 7 tanks. The number 7 signifies completion. But... while I was helping to put some final touches to the website I had this nagging feeling about 8. I looked it up and the number 8 signifies new beginnings. Well there you go... done and done! 🤯🤯 You're welcome. Thank you to everyone that has had a hand in helping make this dream a reality! A special thanks to @itsyoursembroidery (mommy & daddy) for supporting us through this crazy ride AND for making all these amazing tanks!!! I can't wait to see where this takes us! Now go shopping!!!! #beahappypineapple #dontbedefined #happyaf #crazycatlady #dogmomlife #faith #love #ifihadatailidwagit #Godisgreat #ttc #unexplainedinfertility #nomorelabels #happypineapple #next90nation #mynext90 #shopsmall
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