Announcing the newest member of the Motor City Gas squad. Aiden William Lockwood’s duties will include sleeping on the job and blowing up diapers. Welcome aboard son.
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What a busy week it’s already been! On Monday evening I attended the summer evening reception with @visit_dallas and @visitfortworth presented by @dfw@dfw@dfwairport. - - Of course it was an incredibly fun evening with the best of all that is Dallas showcased to perfection. We were joined by the Mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth and frankly, their passion and hospitality was infectious. It really made my night! - We had craft whiskey from #firestoneandrobertson which is distilled in Dallas. I am calling this one as the greatest whiskey discovery this year. Smooth and light. Find it and enjoy it responsibly. It’s wonderful. - We also had canapés by @cheftimlove who also created the most delicious spice rubs for us to take home. I’m using mine this weekend on white fish. - - My #wednesdaywisdom I want to share with you guys however, is the fact that @dfwairport is the only airport in North America to achieve Carbon Neutral status which is the highest level of environmental achievement available to airports. Only 23 airports worldwide have ever reached this milestone. How amazing is that?! Bravo @dfwairport 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 - - - #visitdallas #visitfortworth #tra#travelblogger #lonelyplanettraveller #huffpostgram #wanderlustwednesday #guardiantravelsnaps #tripzillashare #foodismmag #nytimestravel #travelblog #girltravelsworld #craftwhiskey #dallas_community #dallas_foodie #travelingram #traveldiaries #igers_dallas
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Достойная игра! Россия-Египет 3:1! Всем рестораном спели «Катюшу» Ураааа!!!! С Победой! Молодцы! #пробкабар #чм2018 #fifa2018 #fifaworldcup2018 #spotr #beer #craftbeer #craftwhiskey #moscow
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6/20 Open 17:00-24:00 BrewBase SessionIPA 。 所さんのアイコンで知られる雑誌[Daytona]企画の限定ビール。 ストロベリーやメロンをイメージさせる、フルーティーなIPA。軽くて口当たりも良くスムーズな仕上がり。HopはAmarillo,HuellMelonを使用。 "Today's Special" . トウモロコシのグリル チリペッパーとパルメザンチーズ 600yen . .一口ハッシュドポテト 500yen 宮崎県綾町の日向夏チキン 750yen. アボカドチーズバーガー 1250yen "🍺Today's Beer on Tap🍺" . ❶-Kamiyama no.10(Wheat Oats IPA) 1pt 1100yen ,3/4pt 950yen ,1/2pt 800yen ❷-BrewBase Session IPA 1pt 1050yen ,3/4pt 900yen ,1/2pt 750yen "🍺Guest Bottle 🍺" . Modern times ICE 1150yen . Modern times Orderville 1200yen . Sapporo Lager(中瓶) 750yen #hitachinonest #hamburger #418kamiyama #shibuya #craftbeer #craftbourbon #homebrewing #wheatIPA #craftgin #craftwhiskey #hudsonwhiskey #kingscountydistillery #okushibu #brewbase
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That was a good dram 🥃 👌🏼
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We speak often of innovation and how rapidly our industry is growing to meet demands and solve a deficit of local, quality raw ingredients. One of our favorite embodiments of this spirit is the story of Washington's @westlandwhiskey and their search for a way to malt locally harvested peat in order to craft American whiskey with a true sense of place. @skagitvalleymalting answered that challenging call, and together they are innovating a way to pelletize the peat allowing for more control of the smoking process through uniform size, shape, and moisture content. While Westland is still a few years away from the first bottling of a wholly place based Whiskey, we are can't wait to taste the result of sticking to one's original intention despite a lack of precedence. Click the profile link to read the full story and then wait patiently with us for those first bottles. #americanwhiskey #craftwhiskey #craftmalting #senseofplace
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