Wanna go to the sun APA from @lostandgroundedbrewers , Bristol, UK 🇬🇧 4.6% ABV _ I was expecting this one to be a straight up fruity American #PaleAle and I was wrong, quite a bit going on with a slight wheat taste to it and I needed a water straight after as I was so thirsty. Not bad but not great
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I've dealt with this before and I'm ready and "Boom Sauce" is my finale on this badass @lordhobobrewing takeover! Hoppy Friday folks and definitely hoptastic, juicetastic! I use to trade for this years ago and here we are! I kill for love but I won't confess temptation 🎹🐸 . Cheers beautiful people! 🍻❤️
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Recently in Hobart I ducked out of the rain and slipped into a @seven_sheds Fuggled Porter. Lots of nice cocoa, coffee, and vanilla. . Recommended. . .
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I'm totally dealin' and wheelin' with my next @lordhobobrewing rounder! "Consolation Prize" clocking in at 9.5%ABV and this takeover is not over BUT I hope I won't be humbled and out because I want to share my next rounder and this Hoppy Friday is well deserving for me! I earned every bit of this start of the weekend and these tasty craft beers! . Cheers friends and beerlovers and how you doin'?! 🍻💣💥👏🏻
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