I tend to be able to fall asleep anywhere. Staying asleep, especially during the witching hours is a whole other story. I find it a rather lovely skill to have. I can remember as a kid lying on the deck of Dad's unfortunately named boat 'Nausica' and lodging myself between the halyards and falling asleep. Now wherever I go with the kids I know that I will have a little catnap. Throughout summer I fell asleep repeatedly on the wooden platform of our lake. I fell asleep one day at the Falls and momentarily panicked when I woke, and the kids were nowhere to be found. Turns out they had gone exploring up the river bed. Recently when we went to Gostwyck, despite the fact it was only a few degrees, I curled up on our picnic blanket, meaning to admire the sky and promptly fell asleep. Rissie and Archie are learning to take advantage of my little spontaneous moments of rest. They have been experimenting with my camera and tripod of late. Rissie did a little series of self-portraits and I absolutely fell in love with this one. She almost looks like she is flying. If she had wings I would imagine her in in a setting like Peter Pan. She is smiling that smile that we used to all smile before we started worrying about how the photo would look, how we would come across. I have threatened them with awful things if they ever do anything to my camera, so I trust them, and, in the meantime, I love seeing their interpretation of the world that surrounds them. It fills me with hope and it constantly fans my belief that magic is possible.
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Best day ever!! Hunter got to go fishing for his FIRST TIME & caught 7 fish!! I think @ryanbpurcell & I are ready to leave the kids at the farm every summer to help Papa & Nenna @lyndajohnson48 on the farm. #simpsonlouisiana #johnsonfarm #truecountry #countrylife #countryliving #countrykids #toddlerlife #addisontsering #hunterkalden #farmlife
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Cloud watching and finding shapes was one of the most fun things I did with my mom when I was little. I love doing it with my kids now. We saw a dog chasing a ball but it started to unravel right when I decided to take a picture 😀. Anyone else like to do this? . . . #kidshavefun #kidsactivity #kidsandnature #countrylivingforever #countrykids #countrykidsfun #otmom #kidsjustwannahavefun #cloudwatching #cloudwatchingdesign #kidplay #kidsplayoutside #homeschoolmom #homeschooling #homeschoolrocks #unschoolers #unschoolingrocks #familytime
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This one. Our little rescue pony does better and better, she is finally letting me touch her and will wear a halter. She came from a place where the other horses were mean to her, she was wild and dirty and scared all the time. It’s amazing what a quiet farm with lots of love can do for a soul, she is not the only one whose heart is being healed in this place.💚🦄
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