Hooray for Friday! Today’s #mycozyspringhome prompt is #pattern - we have a few patterns we love and have shared several times, like the florals in our MBR shams, the Buffalo check of our DIY monogram embroidery hoop & the #flatlay from last fall’s #mycozyfallhome - but we rarely share our kitchen throw rugs (hello, so you know, you can’t eat off our floors!). But we still love them with their once trendy “chevron” pattern. We love the gray and creamy white. It’s a subtle statement in an otherwise plain space. We love them, even if they draw attention to the unsightly floors. 😝😬🙄 As you can see, we even use them as backdrops for flat lays sometimes. 😁💗 • • • • #jannieloudesigns #signsanddesigns #signsanddesignsbyjld #hobbylobby #ourrugs #kitchenrugs #g
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I love old photos like this one. It reads Masonic Widows and Orphans Home, Masonic Home Road, (Now Ben Allen Road) Nashville. TN, About 1933 I wish you could see it up close... #blackandwhitephotos #masonic #farmhousedreams #farmhousedreamsabk #farmhousestyle #neutralstyle #neutraldecor #countryliving #countrysamplermagazine #houzz #countrylivingmag #instahome #romantichomesmagazine #countryhome
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I am seeking information about the market for reclaimed wood, particularly cypress. The second photo shows wood from our old barn gates as a wall covering in the barbershop I go to. I know people use it for all sorts of rustic DIY things. What is a fair price for this wood, per boardfoot? It's primarily cypress, and the majority measures 1.25"x6". New cypress runs about $1.75 to $3.00/bdft, while reclaimed cypress ranges from $0.75 to $5 /bdft. The average prices I've seen suggests that the wood actually appreciates in value. Not looking to make a business out of this, just enough to make it worth pulling the nails out instead of burning the wood to get rid of it. The nails don't get any looser with age (surprisingly) so I can't just give it away. If you want any, DM me. I have 500 boardfeet/square feet available right now with the nails removed or hammered flat. I can pressure wash them if you're planning on staining the wood. #reclaimedwood #diy #pinterest #palletproject #palletwood #reclaimedcypress #farmhousestyle #reclaimedlumber #floridamilk #rusticdecor #cypresswood #countryhome
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Need macramé string? I'm in colour heaven right now with my new colours that just arrived ❤️ these 1kg luxury European cotton rolls are just divine and are what I use for my own projects. Approx. 200m per roll for just $50 or any two or more (mix & match) for $90 🙌 these will be on my website to purchase by 3pm today 🖤www.jachomeheart.com.au
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