Got the runs?? 😂 _ Are you in training?? 😎 If you are then you are considered an athlete 😉 If you are not...would you like to be? 😀 Running is an amazing sport and so good for your headspace! 🙃 Some people are scared to run... Scared because they feel they won't be able to do it ..or won't be any good at it....or feel they aren't cut out for it. _ I know this ..cos I used to be that person. 🙃 _ Running scared me to death!! I've avoid anything that involved it. My Coach told me it would be good for my headspace and so I gave it a go. I wasn't expecting much...but to my surprise I progressed from never running before to a 5k in a few months! _ The first few runs weren't easy. But once the progression became something I looked forward to. _ We are currently putting together a 0 to 5km running plan for people like myself...who would like to run but just don't know how to go about their first 5km. _ Our coach has written the program and before it's release date I would have completed it... and ive been filming it. 🎥✌️ While....I travel from Thailand then travel around Australia 🐨😁 _ We head out to Aus on December 23rd! Follow us to get daily updates, Motivation and see some of my runs!! 😀 _ . . .
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Haven’t had a slow plod like this for ages! The wind is full on here today, thought I was going to lose my favourite trucker cap!!! the temperature “feels like” 1 degrees. My ideal temp!!!!!! No over boiling for me today 🤣🤣🤣#runnergirl #runnersofinstagram #ukrunchat #thisgirlcanrun#running#runner#instarunners #instarunning #womenrunning#runningcommunity #stravarunning#stravarun#absolute360#couch25k #tikiboo
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Agonisingly sore knees again yesterday. Definitely being triggered by the longer runs in week 3. Resting today and will do upper body weights tomorrow. Not sure what to do now, but I really don't want to stop running... #disappointed #couch25k
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