Do you have Knee problems? and you wanna work on your obliques and take care of that cellulite too? Yeah you heard me I said cellulite... women’s worst nightmare after stretch marks. This move will seriously will improve those orange looks in your butt and thighs. Yes, I call it buttwalk cuz I don’t know what else to call it 😂 . Diz sorununuz mu var? E birde yan karın kaslarını da şöyle bir çalıştırsaydım iyidi mi diyorsunuz? Ahhh bir de şu selülitlerden kurtaran birşey olsaydı dediğinizi duyar gibiyim. Kadınların çatlaklardan sonra 2 numaralı belası selülitler...bu hareket o portakal kabuğu gibi görüntüye yardım edecek. . . @fitnessempire.x @fitgirlsguide @fitturkiye @fitgirlvideos @fit_moms_of_ig @tipstotrain @fitgirlsworldwide @gununegzersizi @fitnessgirlsmotivation @egzersizgunlugu @but@buttworkout @buttworkout . . #gununvideosu #gununegzersizi #wor#workoutoftheday #workoutmotivation #workoutoftheday #egzersiz #exercise #knees #obliques #butt #gluteus #cellulite #buttworkout #inspireallofyou #correctiveexercise
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Here’s some Zen music on a #CircumductionSunday. Circumduction is used in lots of FST movements - we always go slow and move the joint through a full ROM if we can. . . . The best ways to warm up and treat tissue and joints is with some circumduction in order to - •Thin out the synovial fluid •Assess the tissue •Assess clients ROM •Help the client to regain control and feeling of flexibility/extension/adduction and abduction •Help Tune the nervous system •Help to re-educate nerve endings and calm nociceptors •Build trust with client . . . Dm for FST enquiries. . . . Please do not attempt any of the moves you see FST qualified Therapists only. . . . @str@stretchtowinitute @stretchtowin @dts_edu @goodlifemclaughlin @stevewlynch
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How that for not only muscle preservation but bone density too! 😧🤯 #Repost @theprehabguys with @get_repost ・・・ Amazing picture from @physionetwork ❗️ . This study from 2011 looked at how exercise can preserve muscle mass. What a massive difference between the 74-year-old sedentary man and the 70-year-old triathlete. Keep moving! . . #theprehabguys #TPG #fitness #healthandwellness #exercise #PT #DPT #DPTstudent #physio #physiotherapy #chiro #mobility #athlete #workout #recovery #rehab #prevention #rehabilitation #correctiveexercise #stretching #crossfit #longevity #movement
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What a great visual example of how to lift a load up! Legs, all about them legs! ••• #Repost @theprehabguys with @get_repost ・・・ Here is an awesome post by @dr.jacob.harden on WHY YOU SHOULD LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS! . You've all heard that you should lift with your legs and not your back. But I feel like no one ever explains why? . You see, it all comes down to physics.📐 You have this thing called a "moment arm". This is the shortest distance from the axis of rotation (hip joint here) and the line of force from whatever your lifting. A longer moment arm means the weight is relatively heavier and more strenuous to lift because the load is further away. Shorter is the opposite. . To understand better hold a 10 pound weight by your side and then extend your arm fully. You'll find the latter to be heavier because the weight is further away. . ❌So when you keep the load far away, it's harder to lift, more stress on your back, and harder to keep a stable spinal position. Not good! . ✅Instead, get the load as close as possible, get tight and stable, and lift from there. That may have you squatting it up like the video or doing more of a deadlift motion. Either way, you want that weight as close as possible. . Share this with a friend and let's spread the word on better lifting mechanics. No more injuries from bad technique! #lifting #liftingtechnique _____________________________________________ The Prehab Guys: Optimizing human movement and performance, promoting longevity, and keeping your movement system in tune one post at a time. Instilling new meaning into #physicaltherapy. Follow us on IG, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and make sure to visit The information provided is not medical advice. If you are in any pain, please see your local physical therapist by visiting #prehab #theprehabguys #TPG #fit#fitness #healthandwellness #exercise #PT #DPT #DPTstudent #mobility #athlete #workout #recovery #rehab #prevention #rehabilitation #fitness #correctiveexercise #stretching #crossfit #longevity #movement #lowback
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💥Posture💥 - ⁉️Does static posture matter? It DEPENDS on WHAT you're asking. Are you asking if posture CAUSES pain? If it should be "FIXED"? If it influences FUNCTION? Here are @dr.@dr.caleb.burgess thoughts: - 1️⃣ Posture DOES NOT DIRECTLY correlate to pain. Nothing DIRECTLY correlates to pain, because pain is COMPLEX and there are ALWAYS multiple factors that influence pain in any ONE person at any ONE time. However, it CAN CONTRIBUTE to pain at times. When can it? - 📌 When you DON'T MOVE OUT of the same posture for SUSTAINED periods. This can happen in ANY posture, even the one's historically labeled "GOOD". If you don't move for a while, the nervous system will eventually remind you (through some discomfort) that you need to change positions or get moving - 📌 Biomechanically speaking, you will probably be able to tolerate certain positions for longer, as the sustained load to specific tissues of the body will be greater in some postures and less in others. But, as with most things, CONTEXT matters. Some tissues may be loaded more in what you might think of as "poor" posture while others may be loaded more in what you think of as a "good" posture. IT DEPENDS - 2️⃣ Posture DOES NOT DIRECTLY correlate to FUNCTION/MOVEMENT. Someone can have "winging" scapulas at rest but move beautifully and have great strength/coordination of the scapular musculature. This pertains to any body region - 3️⃣ Posture DOES provide helpful information as to how a person MAY move, how muscles MAY function during that position, how certain tissues MAY be loaded during that position and POSSIBLY contribute to pain, and why someone MAY be having difficulty performing other movements POTENTIALLY as a result of LACK OF MOVEMENT out of that posture (e.g. overhead squat after sitting slouched at a desk all day) - ⁉️So does posture matter? I would argue YES, it does, but it's only ONE SMALL PIECE of the puzzle. There are cases where this "puzzle piece" may be bigger and some where it may be smaller, but it's important to remember it's still only ONE PIECE. Spend more time putting together the BIG PICTURE rather than obsessing over ONE THING - ❤️ Content provided by @dr.caleb.burgess
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Lower back was too tight and glutes were too sore to dead lift on today’s pull workout. So I broke out the big bands and went all out with heavy banded iso exercises and banded explosive plyo movements. These were done after Explosive Pull Ups and Smith Machine Pull Ups from the ground as my compound movements (not shown). Loved this workout. Lower back feels good and I still pulled with all my might. ⚒🔥📈⚒🔥📈⚒🔥📈 #bodybydrake #drake #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #explosiveness #periodization #correctiveexercise #functionaltraining #frc #pailsandrails #prehab #rehabilitation #lowerbackpain #strengthcoach #sundayfunday #fathersday #dadswholift #fitfam #bodybulding #fitness #figure #physique #personaltrainer #northbrook #drapersstrength
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This is why we do work!! 💪🏼. What do you want your 70’s to look like? —————————————————————————— Amazing picture from @physionetwork . This study from 2011 looked at how exercise can preserve muscle mass. What a massive difference between the 74-year-old sedentary man and the 70-year-old triathlete. Keep moving! . #prehab #theprehabguys #TPG #fitness #healthandwellness #exercise #PT #DPT #DPTstudent #physio #physiotherapy #chiro #mobility #athlete #workout #recovery #rehab #prevention #rehabilitation #correctiveexercise #stretching #crossfit #longevity #movement
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Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! Ya sometimes I eat lame bro meals (chicken & rice) buuuuut that gets old real quick. I still stick to the basics but add extra flavvvaaa! This one is whole grain rice, beef roast, stir fry veggies, DAS ITTTT 😛 and it’s sooo good I had to force myself to stop eating it while I was prepping everything else 😂 Check out my story to see what else I prepped for this week😋😋😋
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