A modern adition to Lyon Street is 291 & 293 Lyon, just north of Cooper St, connected to each other above street level. They are #condo apartments. You can see more photos at http://www.liveinottawa.com/property/293-lyon-street/ and http://www.liveinottawa.com/property/291-lyon-street/ , which calls this a "recent build". 293 Lyon was built a bit before #2012, while there was still an older house at 291 Lyon; 291 was built several years later in #2016, and the two were connected. Both replaced (well, dramatically altered) earlier houses on these lots. You can see the back of 507 Cooper at the right side of the third photo here. 🏢🏠 “Located just 1.4 km from Parliament Hill this was transformation of a 2 storey dwelling into a 4 storey, 140 sq.m. Residential Building. It is comprised with 8-dwelling units with high quality construction, offering tenants state of the art utilities.” http://www.woodmanarchitect.ca/project/291-293-lyon-street/ 🏢🏠 #Ottawa #ottawaarchitecture #LyonStreetOttawa #CooperStreetOttawa #CentretownOttawa #DowntownOttawa #igersOttawa #instaOttawa #postmodern #2010s #myOttawa #LoveOttawa #house #condominiums
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Another look at the wider context of Ottawa’s fast growing population and its expansion from Bytown to Ottawa. Other than the little section around Frank St east of Bank St, the southern edge of Centretown’s development in 1878 was roughly Cooper St. 🗺 “... the population of the city in #1871 was three times the 1851 figure, and the 1860's and 1870's saw many large and important buildings being constructed, along with new houses, especially for the newly arrived government staff. Many of the changes to the city took place because of the complaints of the Civil Servants who had moved to Ottawa from the older, more sophisticated city of Quebec. It took six years to complete the Parliament buildings on the former Barracks Hill, vacated by the military in 1853, but the provision of services and adequate housing was a problem lasting into the 1870's. Upper class residential areas still included the high limestone bluffs, near the Anglican cathedral, where some of the lumber "Kings" lived, but there were also new fashionable areas.” “POPULATION OF BYTOWN - OTTAWA Year Population 1837 - 1,300 1839 - Above 2,000 1841 - 3,122 1851 - 7,760 1861 - 14,669 1871 - 21,541 1881 - 25,633 - "OTTAWA IN 1878: LAND-USE PATTERNS IN A CANADIAN CITY" by David James Trotman Department of Geography, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, 1977. https://curve.carleton.ca/system/files/etd/08cae742-7784-437d-b777-ff5402d4d205/etd_pdf/463b25935ae9f6cb227eeb3f79069f54/trotman-ottawain1878landusepatternsinacanadiancity_col.pdf 🗺 #Ottawa #613history #1878 #CentretownOttawa #LowertownOttawa #SandyHill #DowntownOttawa #igersOttawa #instaOttawa #map #history #19thCentury #geography #urbandevelopment #1870s #myOttawa #LoveOttawa #CooperStreetOttawa
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This is the west end of Cooper Street, where it meets #Bro#BronsonAvenue, just a block north of the Chinatown Gate on Somerset St West in Ottawa’s Chinatown. Notice 271 Bronson Ave on the far right here. The last few blocks of Cooper are heavily tree-lined, quite different from the more stretch of Cooper I posted yesterday between Kent and Bank. Notice again more traffic-calming measures at the first intersection, to discourage this street from being used for through-traffic. Some old maps used to call this Cooper’s Street — but who was this “Cooper”? An actual barrel maker? 🏡🌳🌳🏡 #Ottawa #CooperStreetOttawa #BronsonAvenue #CentretownOttawa #igersOttawa #instaOttawa #myOttawa #LoveOttawa #urbanplanning #trafficcalming #trees
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271 Bronson is at the west end of Cooper, built in #1899 as a part of a row of similar houses between Cooper and Somerset St West. It was vacant in 1899, but in 1901 a physician and nurse are listed here – presumably a doctor’s office. It was long ago converted into rental units, with substantial changes to the building. When this #hou#house was built, Bronson was still called Concession Street and, as you can see in the 1888/1901 map here, there was a large vacant lot still on Cooper between Percy and here. Before this house was built, there was briefly the “White Star Skating Rink” here – presumably a winter-only outdoor ice rink. The lot had stood vacant years. 🏡 1888/1901 Ottawa Fire Insurance map http://data2.archives.ca/e/e428/e010689245-v8.jpg 🏡 271 Concession St - “vacant” 1899 Ottawa City Directory http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/directories-collection/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=40512 🏡 271 Concession St - George Kirk, physician & Mirian Gillmore, nurse 1901 Ottawa City Directory https://archive.org/details/ottawacitydirect1901mighuoft/page/62 🏡 #Ottawa #613history #ottawaarchitecture #BronsonAvenue #CooperStreetOttawa #CentretownOttawa #house #1890s #brickhouse #igersOttawa #myOttawa #LoveOttawa
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This #sepia photograph of Cooper Street “West” (which I think means the section west of Bank to what is now Bronson) in #1893 is from the @CityOfOttawa archives website; I believe the actual photo is in the @BytownMuseum collection. This really gives you a sense of just how much the western end of Cooper Street was still near the southern edge of the built-up part of Ottawa. Now Centretown, it was essentially a suburb 120 years ago. It also gives you a sense of just how much hard work it took to clear this land of boulders and stone. It’s also a reminder of the clay which is found in the soil of so much of the heart of Centretown. 📷🏠🏠 “One glossy sepia albumen photograph mounted on stiff cardboard and depicting Cooper Street West. In the background is a high board fence, behind which is a row of houses. In the foreground is flat arid land strewn with a huge boulder and many smaller rocks. In the center of the picture is a man in a dark overcoat and hat. There is a picket fence across the center right side of photograph with a pile of timbers in front of it and also a row of poles. On back of photograph, a penciled notation "Glacial clays removed from around the Boulders- partly in situ- Cooper Street (West) Nov. 7th 1893".” http://ottawa.minisisinc.com/ottawa/scripts/mwimain.dll/144/COLLECTIONS/WEB_DETAIL_COLL/SISN%2014483861?SESSIONSEARCH 📷🏠🏠 #Ottawa #613history #ottawaarchitecture #CooperStreetOttawa #CentretownOttawa #DowntownOttawa #igersOttawa #instaOttawa #heritagebuilding #1890s #myOttawa #LoveOttawa #houses #historicphoto
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Imperial Building at 251 Bank at Cooper has a much more interesting history that I realized – like the Hartmann Building further north on Bank, it was built in two stages, first in #195#1957 then adding its top floors in the mid #1960s. Until a few years ago, 7th Heaven Futon was still where a Starbucks is now, before the building was painted an ugly ugly grey which I'm not going to show here. For decades, the corner store at street level was Delfinos, whose name was written on a metal plaque outside the store. The Worker's History Museum is inside this building, too (see http://workershistorymuseum.ca/). From historynerd.ca: 🏢 “…the Imperial Building was constructed in #1957 for Brouse Holdings (an organization which continues to operate today) in the midst of an acute shortage of office space. The building’s architect was J. Morris Wolfson (who, among other things designed the Tiffany Apartments in the Deep Cut and would go on to design McArthur Plaza) and the contractor was James More and Sons. It was to cost $325,000. Much like the Wesley Building at Holland and Wellington, the Imperial Building was also designed such that floors could be added at a later date as demand increased. […] “The new Imperial Building opened in the Spring of 1957 and was announced in the same way that new office blocks and apartments were at the time: with a full-page newspaper spread complete with picture and advertisements of the contractors who worked on it. “... the building was first completed at four stories and was later extended to the seven that it is today. Like many of the offices on Bank constructed during 50s and 60s, the tradition of ground floor, street-facing retail was continued. No inward-facing, maze-like mall space.” https://www.historynerd.ca/2013/11/05/midcentury-imperialism/ 🏢 #Ottawa #ottawaarchitecture #igersOttawa#instaottawa #DowntownBank #CooperStreetOttawa #DowntownOttawa #CentretownOttawa #BankStreetOttawa #myOttawa #LoveOttawa
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400 Cooper was called the Chomley Building when it was built in #1975. When I posted about it in 2017 (see https://www.instagram.com/p/BZmkP0RF7mL/ ), I didn’t mention what was there before it was built. For decades, there was an 1898 brick building filled with retail shops at the southwest corner of Bank and Cooper; it is on the 1902/1912 Ottawa Fire Insurance map (http://data2.archives.ca/e/e428/e010689355-v8.jpg). Behind that #1898 building, on Cooper and Somerset St West were several other buildings, notably a complex of dairy-related commercial buildings owned by the Ottawa Dairy Co. Ltd.(also seen in the same map). The corner lot’s most famous occupant was a phonograph / radio / etc. store, Robertson, Pingle & Tilley, at 270 Bank. “RPT” was sort of like the #1920s version of an electronics shop. I can’t find a good photo of that store, except for a #1933 air photo of Centretown, which also shows the Kingston Apartments that I posted today. The RPT newspaper ads aren’t so different from what you’d see in newspapers even a decade or two ago – “Prices Slashed!” 🎙 Robertson, Pingle & Tilley Ottawa Citizen ad, 18 Mar 1929 https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=0VctAAAAIBAJ&sjid=4tkFAAAAIBAJ&pg=4818%2C1471094 🏬 1933 Air photo over Bank St at Cooper St. https://gsg.uottawa.ca/geo/airphotos/1933/A4571/A4571_23.jpg 🏬 #Ottawa #613history #CooperStreetOttawa #DowntownBank #igersOttawa #instaottawa #DowntownOttawa #CentretownOttawa #BankStreetOttawa #brickbuilding #1970s #modernism #myOttawa #LoveOttawa #officebuilding
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This building, 250 to 260 Bank at Cooper, was built circa #1910. There were apartments above, called the Kingston Apartments. The building first shows up on the 1902/1912 Ottawa Fire Insurance map, and is in the #1911 Ottawa City Directory. One original business was Mme. M.A. De La Miranda, a “dermatologist” who offered mani-pedi (some things on Bank St haven’t changed). Royal Variety has been at the corner of Cooper for decades. Another high profile store is Strategy Games (http://www.strategygames.ca/), a non-profit shop which promotes #chess in Canada. And of course @thegreeksouvlakishack ! 🏬 “250-252 Bank - Snipper Bros Ltd. antique furn 254 Bank - Rourk Miss M Carmel, mlnr 256 Bank - "Kingston Apartments" - McCordick & Hand, dentists - DeLamirande, Mrs. M.A. massage - McLaughlin, Harry C. - Lewis, Miss Lydia - Locke, Homer B. 258 Bank - "Ntl Cash Register Co., The" 260 Bank - "Jackman & Co, mer tlrs" [Cooper Street] 1912 Ottawa City Directory https://archive.org/details/ottawadirec191200midiuoft/page/n53 🏬 "Apartments Over" < the Kingston Apartments 250 to 260 Bank 1902-1912 Ottawa Fire Insurance map http://data2.archives.ca/e/e428/e010689355-v8.jpg 🏬 "MME. DE LA MIRANDE, DERMAT-ologiste (Brevette) Electrolysis, Massage, manicure, pedicure Kingston Apartments, 256 Bank St" Ottawa Citizen, 17 March 1913, page 10 https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/455588933/ 🏬 #Ottawa #613history #DowntownBank #CooperStreetOttawa #BankStreetOttawa #CentretownOttawa #DowntownOttawa #brickbuilding #myOttawa #LoveOttawa #smallbusiness
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