Ejerce tu carrera y haz lo que más te guste. 💪🏻💕Uno de los chefs que más me gusta es “Gordon Ramsey’ y él dice que para si quieres ser un gran chef tienes que trabajar con grandes chefs y eso fue lo que hice a lo largo de mí carrera en la cocina y pastelería lo primero es preguntarte donde voy a aprender más. Gracias a dios tuve a grandes mentores que me guiaron 😴 hasta que decidí emprender sola mi negocio nada es fácil pero con trabajo todo se logra.Así que si les gusta algo sigan no se detengan!!! #pastrychef #cooking #cookingschools #schoolyears #memories #gordonramsay #gastronomia #france #switzerland #peru
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Fresh Heirloom Tomato, Mustard and Brie tarts from our ‘Taste of the Med’ class at the weekend - super delicious #cookingschools #fresh #heirloomtomatoes #deliciousfood
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Thanks @astw_inc @sydneyfishmarket for our #paella cooking school today. My seafood preparation knowledge is better than before and my eating skills also improved. #seafood #sydneyfishmarket #lunch #cookingschools #spanishfood #tra#travelwriters #travelwriters #longlunch #visitsydney #visitsydneyaustralia #fish #prawns #crabs #squid
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When Your in Bangkok come and create some lovely dishes at our cooking school full details on our website www.thaicooking.com #thaicookingschool #bangkok #thaifood #thailand #cookingschools
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I must admit to having a wry smile to myself last night. After three days of teaching and cooking everything from saffron chicken, braised kumara with olives, and stuffed vine leaves, to vibrant chilli jam and delicate Greek soufra (a gorgeous ruffle of filo pastry and lemon custard), for dinner last night we were so knackered that we ended up eating peanut butter and tomato on toast with a glass of wine alongside! I can't tell you how many times this combination has been a lifesaver after a big day...this, and poached eggs on toast. What would we do without them! However, they're probably not the most beautiful things to share here with you, so instead I've cobbled together some photos of the past few days. The days may have been long, but they've also been incredibly rewarding, as we've yet again had the opportunity to not only cook together, but also hear snippets of other people's lives - it's always such a special experience. And on that note, I shall say goodbye for now and go make a much-needed cup of tea...the mind is willing this morning, but the body definitely hasn't caught up yet! I hope you have a peaceful and gentle day. Belinda ❤ P.S. If you would like to find out more about coming along to one of my classes, all the details are on the Events page of my website (the link is in my profile.) B 💚 @goodgoogeggs #cookingclasses #cookingschools #baking #cakes #deliciousfood
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This week has been full of such delicious food adventures! Earlier in the week we came into the City for a special @nywca event hosted by middle eastern chef, author, culinary instructor and nywca member @jenniferabadi at @homecookingny. She organized a pre-Passover Sephardic Seder dinner focusing on recipes from her book Too Good To Passover: Sephardic and Judeo-Arabic Communities of Africa, Asia and Europe. A truly fascinating documentation of so many different kinds of Seder traditions, stories from the table, and detailed recipes organized by region and country of origin. It’s truly impressive, the work and knowledge and care that went into this book, not to mention the recipes we tried from Syria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Gibraltar, to name a few, all cooked by members, and all absolutely beautiful. And I loved the Matzah fashion, too, when your apron matches your food! A gorgeous event. #nywca #community #womeninfood #passover #seder #traditions #jewishfood #toogoodtopassover #homecookingschool #cookingschools #foodandwine #nyc#nyc #soho #nyc
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