Please raise your if you have ever felt personally victimized by Food. 🙋🏼‍♀️ (thank you Mean Girls) Y’all food addiction is REAL! I am guilty. I love all things fried and tons of grease, but I hate the bloat, no energy 😴and damage it has done to my body. I am taking the next steps to dive in deeper with my girl @autumncalabrese to learn how to eat more Whole Foods && portion control! No cutting out food groups but eating healthy🥗🥦🍌🍓!! Food is fuel! Join me 💌& we can get started living a HEALTHIER && HAPPIER life!
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Went to Costco this afternoon and this fresh salmon caught my 👀. This salmon wrapped in banana leaves (grilled them) perfect for dinner and ceviche ❤#cookingmomma
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Creamy mushroom on toast . My 4 year old loves this so much he could eat his breakfast again. And the 18 month old loves it too. . Ingredients makes for 4 . • 2 packets mushroom thinly sliced • 4 cloves chopped garlic • olive oil • 1.5 cups Full fat milk (could use skimmed too) • 1 tablespoon corn-starch mixed with water • salt and pepper • half cup grated cheddar cheese . Heat some olive oil in a pan on medium flame and add chopped garlic to it. Once it turns brown and thinly sliced mushrooms and salt and let mushrooms cook. Once done add in milk and cheese. Let it simmer. Add cornstarch at the end and some pepper . And it’s done . . . Enjoy the weekend with some yummy breakfast . . #breakfast #breakfastrecipes #foo#foodie #kidsmenu #kidsbreakfast #food #foodideas #mommylife #cookingmomma
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Galletas de Tres Ingredientes 🍪 Viernes de compartir! Mi chiquita trae una etapa de querer ayudarnos en t o d o ! Por eso elijo recetas facilitas para poder hacerlas entre las dos. _ Esta vez, combinamos de sus sabores preferidos: crema de cacahuate, avena y plátano. _ Receta: 🍪2 tazas de avena 🍪1/2 tz crema de cacahuate natural 🍪3 plátanos grandes _ Machacar los plátanos cómo puré, agregar avena y la crema de cacahuate (me gusta la que su único ingrediente sea cacahuate). Revolver bien todo, puedes agregar canela en polvo y vainilla al gusto (opcional) _ Meter al horno a 350F en una charola, separaditas por 12 minutos. Si ves que se pegan mucho a la charola o papel encerado, poner tantito spray antihaderente. _ Al salir del horno puedes agregar chispitas de chocolate. Les pusimos súper poquitas porque en la escuela de Mariana hay cero intolerancia al azúcar 💪 _ Amamos los Viernes de Compartir!!!! Nos da la oportunidad de echar a volar la imaginación y crear juntas!
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