Contributor: @yoitskimpoy Location: Birmingham, UK Story: It is hard to isolate a specific shoe that I have fond memories over, instead I want to focus on why I collect shoes and the idea behind collecting shoes. I wasn't a hype beast or sneakerhead when I came to the UK. I’ve only just started collecting and I notice people would question why I am buying certain things or why I wear these expensive shoes in the first place. I’ve just realised than even the people you thought are your friends are actually hating on you. When I collect the pairs I’ve won from raffles I feel there’s a community of people just like me who likes being confident wearing what they like.These shoes empower me to have the self-confidence to do whatever I want. How can you hate on that and how can you not understand that? another reason I collect shoes is because I finally feel like I am apart of a community. This community remains non-judgemental because everyone share the same thirst and passion for these various sports and fashion. Here’s one thing for sure! For the people who hate the sneakerhead community or do not understand it... We build relationships meeting other people so if you don’t like it please don’t stop hating cause its never going to stop us from collecting and unifying. Take the time to understand what drives us and maybe you will appreciate the connections we’ve made and how these items make us feel.
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I am expecting magic. You can too. . Inspired by words penned by my friend Wendy @presilience_world. . @icreateimageseveryday created this striking image. . #believeit
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Had a day helping out in the shop yesterday - got the special treatment from the Director who decided to give my rather battered @converse a bit of a clean before the shop opened! #shoecleaner #shoecleaning #franchise #franchisee #saturdaywork #conversechucktaylor #chucktaylor #chucktaylors #allstars #converseallstar #converseallstars #chucktaylorallstar #shoeshine #shoeshiner
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