Every day can be a taco day! . . Taco Night has been a community meal in our house since...forever Taco Night was THE event. It was the one meal that pulled everyone together around the dining table and in every available seat around our house. . We would make five or six pounds of taco meat and all the fixin's. When Kylie became a vegetarian we made a meat alternative and added more toppings. Good stuff. . We've been doing our Taco Night get-togethers for over 20 years. Now all of our kids, from our various ministries, have grown up and have families of their own. And Chad and I are empty-nesters. . Which means when we make tacos now, we only need one pound of meat. (Unless we're at Jeremy's house-then we make extra!) . The greatest thing about having tacos now? The memories. All those kids over the years, laughing around our various tables, enjoying good food and good company. Kylie and Jeremy grew up around those tables. Those were good times. . It's no joke around here when we say, "tacos are life." . . #tacosarelife #tacosunday #tacosanyday #memories #griefandloss #griefjourney #grievingmom #continuedbonds #thelegendofkylieb
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Free motion quilting practice!!! . . After I finished the quilt for the little league auction, I was inspired to do some more. So I pulled out Jeremy's quilt top that I made a few years ago. It was meant to be Jeremy's Christmas gift that year, but when we lost Kylie and Jaylen, I could barely function, let alone try to finish up his quilt. I had just bought all the fabric for a quilt for Kylie too, but it's still in its bag. I don't know if I'll ever make her quilt... Pulling out Jeremy's quilt was emotional. It took me a week to iron it and get it ready to baste. Such is grief. Simple things become emotional hurdles. . I decided while I was finishing the other quilt that I wanted to do something different for this one. So a few days ago, I ordered a darning foot for my machine, and today I set it up and grabbed some scraps. The photo is a leftover block that I practiced a few designs on. It was kinda frustrating and a lot of fun...once I figured out a good rhythm. . I was originally thinking I should use grey thread. But after practicing with the black I'm rethinking??? Idk. I'm going to get some grey thread and do another practice square. Then we'll see. . . #quiltersofinstagram #quiltsofinstagram #quilting #quiltingadventures #freemotionquilting #quiltingfun #quiltingproject #modernquilting #ilovequilting #machinequilting #practicemakesprogress #familyheirloom #continuedbonds #griefjourney
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Pie day!! The nerdy part of me finds this hilarious. The carb-craving part of me is getting hangry... . . If only they had blueberry...of course, Kylie would insist on Apple since Pumpkin is out of season. We would compromise with a Dutch Apple. And then neither of us would eat more than one slice! Memories... . . #pieday #nerdy #continuedbonds #griefjourney #thelegendofkylieb
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Just like the kids! When we travel, it's nice to plug in and take a nap... . . When the kids were little, we drove everywhere. On the l-o-n-g trips they liked to hook up their video players and they would eventually fall asleep to their favorite movies. . I do that now too. Those nights when I just can't sleep, the soundtracks to my favorite movies help me relax and empty my mind. I can't listen to just music though. That does NOT help. It triggers memories that keep me awake. . Also, I suffer from motion sickness. Sleeping naturally feels drastically better than Dramamine induced sleep any day. . Train's moving. Nap time. . #travelling #trainadventures #lifehacks #griefjourney #continuedbonds #thelegendofkylieb
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"Houston, we have a problem..." . . I'm almost out of chai (sad face) . I chose my cup of the day before reading my daily meditation--about ONE SMALL STEP. Coincidence? Fate? Hmmm... . The grief journey is just that, a journey. And every day I try to take one small step toward healing. I don't always succeed. I fall down more than I'd like, but I also fall a lot less than I did a year ago. . This was Kylie's mug. She bought it herself when we went to the Kennedy Space Center when she was 10. She and her brother loved everything about it. They climbed in every piece of space equipment they could. The picture of them in the space suits is one of my favorites. And I will never forget the wonder in their eyes watching Space Shuttle Atlantis lift off. . So my one step today? Finding joy in a memory, and not just the pain. . #griefjourney #childloss #memories #cupoftheday #grievingmom #whatgrieflookslike #continuedbonds #thelegendofkylieb
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Order from chaos . . I love the backs of quilts. The ordered lines from construction are quite soothing to me. I remember making quilts with my mom and my grandma when I was little. They would stretch the quilt out on frames and prop it on the dining chairs. I would sit under the quilt and push the needle back up to help with the tying off. I've loved quilt-making ever since. Until now.... I spent the last hour putting the border on this thing (pic2) and went straight back to chaos when I finished pressing and turned it over. I've NEVER had a border turn into waves like this. EVER. I want to cry. I want to scream. I want to wad it up and never see it again. But I can't. I need to be an adult about this. . I'm going to make a cup of tea, nibble a bit of chocolate, and calm down now... . And then go look for my seam ripper. . #quiltersofinstagram #quilting #continuedbonds #memories #sewingproject #sewingnightmare #wheresmyseamripper
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Anyone else discover this game? I saw the ad with the cats and I couldn't say no. I'm sure Kylie #wouldhavelovedthis game app. . . #gametime #relaxing #catlady #catladyproblems #continuedbonds #missmybaby #lossmom #childloss #griefjourney #grievingmom #thelegendofkylieb #slidey
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One of our favorite places. . . It's been quite some time since I've considered the Impressionists: the colors, the brushstrokes, how the light breaks. Truly beautiful. ...... What is it that compels us to create? What joy is found in the work of our hands? What value in the workings of our minds and hearts? . My thoughts as I wandered the museum alone. . Perhaps it is the reality of the brevity of our days here that compels us? To set down that which causes us to FEEL, to immortalize the human condition--that our hearts only hold so many beats... Perhaps our joy comes in knowing that we have left a part of ourselves behind, our value to be reaped by those who come after us. ..... #griefjourney #art #artlovers #continuedbonds #thelegendofkylieb
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