STARGAZING (2000 St. Paul) The artist, Lori Manke White, said, “I made (Stargazing) like a midnight Milky Way. There are actual star patterns of the Big & Little Dipper. The children on the front looking through a telescope to see the stars reminded me of going up north to the cabin and how bright the stars are compared to in the city.” - - The statues from Peanuts on Parade was just the foundation of tons of history and trivia about the United States and specifically St. Paul, Minnesota and Santa Rosa/Sonoma County, California. With 800 statues, there is so much to be learned from this artwork. I've taken photos of every statue (only person to do so - a few have never been on public display) and assembled that with 500+ interviews with the artists, sponsors, owners, members of the Schulz family, people behind the scenes that made this project happen, and several local and national celebrities. One of two copies of the original collection can be found in the archives of the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. Photo copies were created and spent about 5 years on public display there. My posts on Instagram are just a glimpse into my collection of photos and information. I hope you enjoy what you read. And for more information on Peanuts on Parade, check out my website: - - #peanutsonparade #Snoopy #children #stars #sky #bigdipper #polaris #astronomy #stargazing #littledipper #milkyway #telescope #constellation @stpaulpubliclibrary
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Here's magnificent Saturn through my 10" f/5 telescope. Enjoy the planet now, as the rings are starting to tilt down so they disappear in a few years. They are currently at just past maximum ring exposure. When I show Saturn to people, they look up from the eyepiece and ask me if it is real. # Follow us if you liked this. . . via @astropicsdaily . . . #universetoday #cosmos #milkyway #astronomer #darkskyshots #astronomy #astrophotography #hubble #astronaut #space #stars #astrophysics #iss #elitelongexposures #fullmoon #milkywaycases #exploration #nightphotography #nasabeyond #fantastic_universe #spaceshuttle #nebula #constellation #milkywayphoto #photography #spacestation
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Amazing sky seen from @lammaartcollective tonight! We can't stop watching! Thanks to Star tracker! #startracker #sky #space #venus #lammaisland #constellation #hongkong
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15 Jun 2018. Abandoned silos under an abundant sky 🌌 In Australia and other Southern Hemisphere countries, June = winter, which means longer nights with generally clearer skies than in the summer months. June also sees the Milky Way’s densest region, the galactic core, heading up towards the zenith earlier each night. You can see from my photo, taken at 9:30pm on June 14th, that the core is clear of the horizon now well before midnight. 🔭 The silos have been abandoned for several years, but in between my visits here on Monday night and Thursday night of this week some debris and dirt has been removed from one of them, so perhaps they might be recommissioned soon. I do hope a new roof is included in the renovation so that whatever is going to be stored here doesn’t get wet. Still, I don’t mind the holes in the roof as they let me see the sky and stars behind the structure. 🤷🏼‍♂️ The location of this shoot was Jennings Lane, a narrow but sealed rural roadway east of Nowra, on Australia’s southeast coast. I would have driven past the lane hundreds of times since I started holidaying further down the coast in 1976, but never noticed it until a few years back when I was looking for a spot alongside the nearby river. 📷 Even though I used a 14mm wide-angle lens here, the silos were too large to fit into a single shot. The way around that was to capture three overlapping photos and stitch them together in software. Each of the three images was shot with a Canon EOS 6D MkII camera, a Samyang 14mm XP lens @@ f/2.8, using a 30-second exposure @ ISO 6400. • • • • • @astro_photography_ @space @universe247 # Follow us to be featured . . via @nightscapades . . . #nightsky #astrophotography #milkyways #darkskyshots #cosmos #thedailycosmos #constellation #planets #launch #ig_astrophotography #nasabeyond #endeavour #fullmoon #exploration #super_longexpo #liftoff #fantastic_universe
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