Many WANT to improve an aspect of their lives wether it be professionally or on a personal front. MANY talk about what they plan on doing while others DO what they need to achieve their goals. It’s not easy and requires you to push away your excuses and step out of your comfort zone. Truthbomb: you are where you are today because of your actions or lack their of. No one will do the work for you! You want to make a change, get up and get it done ✅ #conqueryourmind #dailymotivation #5minutejournal #fitnessmotivation #bod
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I am not one who ever held this high belief in myself, in fact I was always my worst critic. Some of that still rings true, in the way that I am EXTREMELY tough on me and so forgiving with others. The only things that has changed though is the belief I carry in myself. Over the last 4 weeks I have dig deeper into myself, worked harder than I ever thought I could, and proved to myself that when you buckle down and just do what you need to do change happens. My week 4 weigh in today had me step on and off the scale a couple of times because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Over the course of the last 4 weeks my weekly weigh ins keep me in check and allow me to see how my discipline, effort, and hard work over the week have paid off and this week I was left a little speechless l, extremely proud, and more motivated to crush the last two weeks of this program! With 13” total gone from all over and 10.4lbs down I am feeling unstoppable! The thing is...not once did I starve, last weekend I ate a lot of food that I wouldn’t haven’t eaten during the week and come Monday I wasn’t making excuses on why I couldn’t. I put my big girl pants on and just did it. It’s not just about the weightloss it’s about my habits that have changed my mindset that was shifted and how strong powerful and confident I’m feeling these days! #fitwithnicole#getfitorhavefuntrying#weightloss#myjourney#transformation#shaunt#transform20#chapter2#lastdayintheckimb#conqueryourmind#transformyourlife#workout#beachbody#bod#health#wellness#coach#fitmom#fitwife#takecareofyourbody#motivated#determined#itsonlytwentyminutes
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It’s an evil mountain. Camp Mountain. The voice in your head says stop, this hurts, just stop and it will all go away. It says the top must be near! Your legs and lungs are on fire but “Camp” is unrelenting. You’re on the edge, then she increases her gradient even more and just keeps on going! She strikes fear into even the well seasoned Mountain biker. Today my bro conquered her for the first time. Check out his smile at the top! It’s easy to avoid the tough. It’s easy to kid yourself that you’re actually giving your best when you’re not even close. But it’s when you front up and tackle the damn big mountain and give it all you’ve got that you really feel alive. Are you kidding yourself? Are you saying you want to be fitter and then you go and be soft instead? You know what to do. Softness gets you nowhere. Train smart and train tough. My tip is find your Camp Mountain and embrace her with all your might. My bro could have slept in this morning after a big week building his business but instead he conquered a mountain. No one wants to be soft. So go and conquer. . . . . . #fitnessmotivation #mtblife #evillittletony #tomwallacecycles #fitdad #40yearsold #conqueryourmind #gohard #brothers #brisbane #mindsetcoach
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Hej ✨ Vaknade väldigt seg så ska typ spendera dagen med choklad, kaffe och min säng 🤩 Hoppas ni får en fin lördag 💓
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