🍃 @HBCannU 🍃 #BlackInCannabis #CannabisLiteracy 🍃🍃✊🏾✊🏾🍃🍃 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Decriminalizing marijuana doesn’t necessarily lead to an increase in adolescent use, according to research from #WashingtonUniversity. Marijuana possession is still illegal under decriminalization, but it is treated as a civil offense. Rather than arresting a person for possessing small amounts of marijuana, an officer issues a citation similar to a traffic ticket. A Wash U analysis of U.S. states that decriminalized the drug found a steep drop in the number of marijuana-related arrests and no increase in reported adolescent drug use. Nine U.S. states and the #DistrictofColumbia have decriminalized marijuana in recent years, sparking concern that more lenient policies could lead to an increase in youth drug use. “As researchers, our job is to address these concerns with data, whether the concerns are well thought out or just gut feelings,” said Rick Grucza, Wash U professor of psychiatry and study author. Grucza and his colleagues examined marijuana use and related arrests in five states that decriminalized marijuana between 2008 and 2014: #Massachusetts, #Connecticut, #RhodeIsland, #Vermont and #Maryland. Based on anonymous surveys of eighth- through 12th-graders, 23 percent of students surveyed in decriminalized states had used marijuana within the past month, compared to 20 percent in states with criminal penalties for possession. The difference was not statistically significant. Furthermore, the arrest rate for marijuana possession across the decriminalized states dropped by 75% for adolescents and 78% for adults. “The policies that the states adopted were very homogeneous, so we got a chance to look at the same kind of natural experiment five times over,” Grucza said. “In each of those five cases, we saw that the policy did what it was intended to do, which was reduce involvement of marijuana users with the criminal justice system." #IAMBlackInCannabis #WEAREBlackInCannabis #BEINGBlackInCannabis www.BlackInCannabis.com
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This #scorpio is known as The Queen of Prep as in "preppy" ...... Yes, of course, it's the late #lil#lil#lillypulitzer I am from Connecticut and growing up I can't forget the bright floral colors that donned Pulitzer's designs. I have featured Lilly before because I appreciate her work. She's dressed everyone from #pal#palmbeach to #con#connecticut either in her #shiftdress #tshirtdress or perhaps a #skort (my favorite) #lillypulitzer we remember you .... #google #preppy #preppystyle #florals #lillypulitzer #connecticut #palmbeach 💘
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