To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson - #drawing #life #beauty #new#newartist #newartist #acrylicpainting #colours #quotes #accomplishment #attributednosource #beyourself #conformity #individuality
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• Soul Juice vs. Energetic Constipation • . When I don’t share my passions - I feel energetically constipated, like my pipes are blocked, and my souls light is getting dimmer. #conformity fucks the show every time if you’re not also playing in this beautiful world. . Life is happening through me, and if I allow the #Alchemy of my Soul, the transformation of lower frequencies (doubt) into higher frequencies (Love & Trust), through inspired art form, I feel like I can fly, my spirit feels light. I am #livingmybestlife . CREATIVITY IS GOLD CURRENCY . Until 6 years ago. I forgot my Soul currency. For a year in 2006, I woke up every morning & felt physically sick from anxiety, insecurity & fear. I lost my inner bubbles. . Found again through music, vanlife, exploring, singing to the trees, photography, videography, poetry, festivals, delightful meetings with random humans, teaching, cooking delicious food for friends... entertaining... these, for me, are where the magick happens. . But it’s been a roller coaster... I’ve learnt not to believe everything I think. #min#mindfulness is REAL-ising, that the mind is a tricky bugger. . I’ve said to myself before that happiness is a choice. . But that choice still takes practice. . Anyone who says happiness is simple, has done much observing into their mind & soul, letting go & surrender... to dissolve subconscious pattens, and let go of resistance & fear, before peace and clarity became more consistent. . And it still comes and goes. I think that’s called being human. In the meantime, life happens. All the magick. . If you don’t know what your soul juice is... all I can say is that, when I forget to play, TO SHARE, without perfection ... I feel stuck. . When I tap into the innocence at my core, I can be free of seriousness, adultness, conformity, expectation... even for a moment in time. ✨ Co-filmed with @vanderaaband @dimensionalhealing @gigiamazonia @lea@leandro_music . . #sonicdreamweaving TONIGHT @thebamboobuddha ☝🏻 With @leandro_music . . #xantayahealth #music #souljuice #sonicwovenlight #festival #magick #soulalchemy #poetry #vanlife #vanlifediaries #mindfulness #sound #quantumphysics
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You're A Mystery To Yourself - You Don't Even Know Who You Are... - You have patterns and behaviors that you're not even understanding. - "The origin of wisdom according to the Greeks is "Know Thyself." - Knowledge about who you are is an end in itself and will help you in so many ways to become that human being that we know all of you are capable of becoming." - Robert Greene, on The Laws Of Human Nature - Do you really know yourself? - Once you begin to know yourself you'll begin to regain the power you meant to have. - Check Out LODB. LINK IN THE BIO 🔝. • • • • • #tshirt #tshirts #tees #instafashion #mastermind #masterminds #mastery #fearless #lastofadyingbreed #lodb #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurship101 #business #wealth #motivate #motivation #mindset #wisdom #knowledge #inspiration #design #fresh #dope #streetwear #conformity #knowthyself #human #psychology
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Today is international day of happiness. In reality, happiness is not something everyone has and can be a luxury to so many. I listened to a great podcast by the @communicationguys which is one of my favorite podcasts. In there episode, they talked about 6 tips to have a happier and healthier life of happiness. I combine tip #1#1,2&3 #1 Sip and savor a cup of coffee or tea #2 Make it a good news only kind of day #3 Choose to slow down One of my secrets to life is my morning routine. Everyday I get up and read the Bible (can I get an AMEN to Good News!) while having a cup of tea prior to going to the gym. After the gym, I sit down to eat. Now I’ll be honest, sometimes I rush through number 3 in the morning, but I try to do it at least once. I’m always eating out of Tupperware as I meal prep my food, so evening having hot food on a plate causes me to slow down, which also better aids in digestion. My car ride into work is always my tip #4 which is to laugh. Have you met my husband, guy is hilarious. Tip number 5 is to wish someone a happy day of happiness. Checking this one off now. And finally tip number 6, which is one we should all be practicing everyday, think and speak only words of kindness about yourself and others. I do have to say the #Communicationguys nailed this one. If you aren’t listing to their podcasts yet, I highly suggest it. While this may merely only look like a plate of healthy food, I do challenge you consider the environment and imagine yourself sitting down quietly having a nutritious breakfast. You deserve it! You mind, body and soul. Don’t conform to the ways of the world, but to the ways of peace. #HappyInternationalDayofHappiness
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Trust the unfolding...tune into your brilliance that guides you.
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