*sigh* getting my wisdom teeth removed might be the worst thing I've experienced physically in my life. So sorry I haven't been updating my Instagram. Being constantly drugged with 4 holes in your face isn't very good for concentration 😂 but I'm getting better! The swelling has gone down a lot and I can't wait to fully recover so I can come back to see you guys 😘 #uplive #wisdomteethremoval #comparison #snow #filters
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Going through old drawings and stumbled across a venom I did from a couple of years ago. I still remember drawing the one before n the left thinking how good it looked. Comparing to now I’m slightly embarrassed I thought that haha #spiderman #vemon #marvel #drawing #comparison #art
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A very special design for my very special clients.
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Wow what a change!💯 i going thru such a hard time. I was stressing out so much that i was breaking out. No matter what always look for a positive!💯⭐ swipe right. #transisbeautiful #transformationtuesday #comparison
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