This is one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite persons on 🌍... It absolutely expresses her persona: L.I.F.E 🌞 . She is beautiful in and out. She is a constant ray of sunshine ☀️ She is so diligent and meticulous even I #thefixer #oliviapope struggle to keep up🙄 #phew . She would give an arm and a leg to help anyone-yes, I said anyone-- she is that sacrificial. She would move heaven and earth to make you comfortable-- she is so hospitable. She would take on the impossible, come hell or high water to get the desired result --she is such a warrior. . Thank you for being a listening ear even when I wearied you with all my #wahala Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on especially when you are going through but set aside your burdens to be there for me Thank you for always reminding me that God gives the hardest battles to His toughest of soldiers . Thank you for being a harbinger of hope Thank you for being a trailblazer Thank you for the gift that you are--to me, to my family, to the body of Christ. . Happy birthday my Bestest sister @melisalatoya a.k.a Mother hen, universal big sister. You are gold and my world is far better with you in it. I love you tirelessly Prophetess Melissa Simon ❤ . #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #youaregold #youknowiloveyou #sistersister #family #godspeople #jesusgirl #jesuslover #fashionista #familyiseverything #happygirlsaretheprettiest #cheerstomanymore #comehellorhighwater #trailblazer #warriorsground
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It's race weekend!!! Always so exciting! Headed to the Health and Wellness expo today and then trying not to die during my half marathon tomorrow. Yes, I have completed one before, but have not trained properly for this one. Even if I have to crawl, I will cross that finish line! Big thanks to all the people who've donated to my chosen charity for this event: Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. Anyone who wants to donate to this great cause, there's still time! #calgarymarathon #yyc #albertachildrenshospital #fundraising #charity #charityevent #comehellorhighwater #igotthis #run #running #runcalgary #scotiabank
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