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I miss playing with all these knives 😞 wanna build up my collection again and put them all on a wall 🖤🗡️🔪 #knivecollector #weaponcollector #knife #knives #weapons #chromecollection #blades #machetes #combatweapons #baddassbitch #bringonzombieapocalypse
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Highlights of Mokomoko 2019 Advanced Knife Division - No matter the outcome, seize the opportunity to learn, grow & become stronger. Win or lose, let your opponents know they were in a fight 👊🏽 -Guro Mike E.
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Awesome weekend taking home 1st place in Advanced knife & 2nd place in the Stick fighting division ⚔️ Thanks to Guro Mike and the SJFFA Team. Especially thankful to my wife and daughter for coming out to support me. My son & his AAU B-ball team took home second place in this weekend’s Hardwood Palace Tournament 🏀 All in all, a great weekend #Blessed 🙏🏽
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