Fit community friends are the friends who bring you your favorite Starbucks coffee, sweat with you to your trap music and then enjoy a cold beer with you to wind down from the day. ::: They’re there on the days you’re rocking it and still there on the days you’re struggling. ::: Their journey may look different from you’re, but they understand what it takes to decide to do this for yourself, to commit, to work hard for something you deserve, even on the days you don’t feel like you do. ::: If it wasn’t for this girl asking me to coach with her, I probably would be as far along as I am in my own journey and I wouldn’t be in the position to help other women, like she and my own coach helped me. ::: This is sooo much more than the workout programs, nutrition programs, shakes, etc. I can offer you. ::: This is where I belong and where so many other women are realizing they belong. ::: These are my people. ::: If you want to join me and the community I’ve started as a coach, don’t be afraid to reach out. I promise it is worth it. You just have to start. We’ll be here for the rest. ::: ::: ::: #fitcommunity #mypeople #mytribe #sweatyselfie #rhinegeist #starbucksaddict #coldbrewcoffee #saturdaysareforthegirls #saturdaysweatsesh
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Spotted @lukmansrd loves our Coldbrew Tubruk. Happy Weekend everyone! 💙 . . . #WarungKoffieBatavia #LokalItuWKB #NyokNgopi #ColdbrewTubruk #OPCOIndonesia
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