The two important messages you get from this first photo are; 1) Life is too short to be afraid of looking like a dickhead to make people laugh. 😂 2) Seriously these sunnies from @rubi_anz are 2 pairs for $20. 😎 true story!!
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How does one even survive? 🤔🤔 #coffeeismycrack
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When your boss ask you on her speech first thing in the morning. And these workload. #thankscoffee #coffeeaddict #coffeeismycrack
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My kinda sunday: flowers,coffee and to do lists 🤪🤗 #easylikesunday #coffeeismycrack #sundaysbelike
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What was supposed to be a quiet weekend with nothing on turned into a flipping fantastic weekend. We started with a bushwalk yesterday and today it was a colour run in galston to raise money.
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Such a cool bushwalk today at Bidjigal Reserve in North rocks. ✔️ The weather was superb 👌🏻 ✔️ Kids (and dog) were tired ✔️ There was a creek (technically water views) ✔️ Basically an open air art gallery (graffiti) so the kids experienced culture. Winning at this parenting thing right? Check it out peeps it’s a really easy path to follow and you can walk as long or as little as you like. We parked at the Loyalty Rd North Rocks entrance.
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This is why I keep going.. having now 2 jobs (just got hired for a third), school, study time, being a football mom and being a single mom period is exhausting af on some days feels almost impossible but I know at the end of 🌈 will be be worth all of the restless nights, stress, tears and hair loss 😩🤷🏻‍♀️😊 my babies are worth it ALL. Thankful for my mom and stepdad Chris who has helped me with my kids and attending to Eric’s football practices when I can’t be there. If it wasn’t for family I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on today. THANKFUL AF 🙏🏽 STRESSING FOR BLESSINGS #SingleMommy #DedicatedMommy #GoalGetter #TiredSinceMay #CoffeeisMyCrack #Family #Football #School #Blood #Sweat #Tears
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We have all heard the stories about our Aussie farmers in need, whether it’s through friends, tv, radio, celebrities or social media but we have the opportunity to help so let’s do it!
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