Monday needs coffee
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The Monday flow is mixed with the desire for the weekend and the inspiration for the week. So power yourselves up with a great cup of joe.
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MONDAY IS HERE ☕️ Hoping everyone has an incredible start to their week and that it is filled with meeting new people, exploring new places and of course great cups of coffee :)
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Aktiviti kami malam ni 💃 #coffeefix
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start the week with the breakfast of champions. mix 4oz. Secret Squirrel concentrate and 8oz. milk in a shaker, pour over your favorite cereal. 👍
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After a productive business call, having a coffee and 5 minute to read before I run some errands. I found the most awesome teacher gift here: their adorable summer kit with tons of helpful tool, like a fan for the phone, bandaids, cream, and more in a cute zip pouch. I want one for myself! #bloggerlife #starbuckslife #coffeefix #teachergift #southernliving @starbucks @southernlivingmag
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