Link in bio . Your self-compassion + responsibility = POWER When you are aware that you have the power to co-create your reality and you make the choice to settle for nothing less than radical self-compassion, you are letting go of heaviness from emotions which are just an echo of past experiences, and accept the energy of peace and empowerment. When you allow yourself to be in the energy of peace and empowerment long enough you begin to notice the nudges, the inspirations and the synchronicities forming to bring your Soul desires to reality - and more importantly your empowerment and self-compassion remind you that you ARE GOOD ENOUGH, you ARE CAPABLE, you have everything you need within you to make this happen and allow you to take action and shift your patterns into ones that are supportive and bring more joy and fulfillment. We step into this lesson in week 1 of Rescue Goddess, with 7 more weeks to follow of focused learning, intuitive insight, energy healing, coaching and Akashic Records guidance to shift the pattern for good. Learn more and secure your space for Rescue Goddess . link in bio #empowerment #cocreation #intuitive #compassion #alignment #goddess
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💖Composé avec plein d’amour, dans une envie profonde de co-création, @celine_zen_by_ce_ Et @plumesdelles_byemilie 💖. 🌟🌟🌟21 jours pour renouer avec sa femme profonde, son féminin sacrée 🌟🌟🌟. . 💕Des secrets de sorcières de temps modernes, sortis de nos routines personnelles, de nos expériences, de nos connaissances💕. . ✨Des secrets que vous connaissez déjà, mais qui sont des rappels qui font du bien au coeur, à l’âme. ✨Des secrets tout simples, qui ne nécessitent pas de grand matériel, ni beaucoup de temps. Mais si faits en conscience, des secrets qui nous rapprochent de notre âme, de notre cœur de Femme Sacrée. . ✨Respiration, visualisations, médecine traditionnelle chinoise, alimentation, création.... . . ✨Rendez-vous dès lundi sur nos pages insta et Facebook pour un doux voyage toutes ensemble! . #secretssacrés #femmesacree #sacréauquotidien #zenbyce #cocreation #plumesdelles
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World Changes: "How well are you coping with the new changes talking effect in the world? Do you look for ways in which you can improve life for all? What role do you play in creating a happy life for yourself and others? Do you take into consideration the well-being of everyone? We live in a world that is always changing. These changes occur with your permission, your involvement, or your allowing. How involved are you in co-creating the world that you live in? Do you make your voice heard? Keep in mind that there is only love to express our repress. Can you open your heart to express more love? Or, do you need to make some changes within and apply them without? You have more control than you are aware. Make a difference if you feel guided. Help whomever you feel drawn to assist. Everything you do makes a difference for someone. Choose wisely." ~ The Ancient Ones . . Learn to surf the waves of change in our online course, A Year to Awaken Your Soul. Link in our bio! . . #Soul #wisdom #mindfulness #spirituality #spiritualactivist #meditation #lightworker #sacredactivism #cocreation #SoulSelfLiving
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I love the freeform beauty and patterns of nature that inspire me to play and explore. #natureinspired #cocreation #illuminatefromwithin #creativeentrepeneur #therejuvenationgrange
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