Prepared for the day ahead! Here’s the food I have lined up for today, in fact for the next 3 days (bulk prep). Making unhealthy choices or snacking during the day could be down to the fact it is more convenient to grab and go on the move, where you may have a limited selection of nutritious meal. Solution 1: make your own (cheaper option) Solution 2: invest in a food prep company (less time consuming, could work out the same cost of what your buying at the shops or less) Prepping your meal can help you during a busy week of work. Keep an eye out for some of my tips to minimise time and whip up some yummy food! #coach #lifestyle #health #food #prepared #organised
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📌The 3 Forgotten Methods of Progressive Overload. . During my recent podcast with @bachperformance we discussed how Rest Periods, Tempo and Training Density are often forgotten as 3 options we have to progress our Training. . Yes, adding weight to the bar is our simplest option for progressive overload. Yes, Volume progression over time has been shown to be a key factor for Training Progression, particularly for Hypertrophy. We can also throw in Frequency and Intensity manipulation as fantastic ways to constantly progress our Training and create progressive overload. . All of the above get a lot of love but we are forgetting about the other 3 in our pursuit of gains. . Rest Periods. Yes I've seen the research saying longer rest periods are superior as they allow for more weight to be lifted - all great stuff. But what about those who don't have hours to train? Rest Periods keep you to task. They keep you focused on your Training. There are also ways we can utilise methods such as supersets to create longer rests between exercises without resting for ages. . Tempo. Utilising tempo manipulation to utilise slower eccentric phases or to put in pauses can be a great way to progress a lift. I'm a huge fan of utilising slower Eccentrics to increase skill acquisition and to strengthen that part of a movement. I also love to utilise pauses to help develop isometric strength, strengthen the hardest part of a lift or to improve reversal or starting strength. . Training Density. Training Density is the volume of work performed in a specific period of time. The aim would be to increase the work performed in that time frame or to perform the same volume in less time. The caution with this is that people will inevitably try and turn it into a circuit and use light weights. It must still be challenging or it won't create change. . #teamLBP #LBP #coach #training #nutrition #fitness #gym #workout #transformation #fitnessmotivation #weightlifting #str#strong/a> #crossfit #powerlifting #podcast #fitfam #bodybuilding #girlswholift #shelifts #strongnotskinny #strong #strengthtraining #performance #fitspo #strengthcoach #personaltrainer #educate #empower
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SELF LOVE AND SELF DISCIPLINE ARE PART OF THE SAME FAMILY... Self love is so very important to a healthy lifestyle... But without self discipline it's hard to develop the habits to consistently practice self love... Learn self love... Practice self love... Demonstrate it to others... And perhaps the love you have for yourself will show others how to have it for themselves...
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME 🎂🎂 My first birthday gift has landed and surprised me a lot:) 🏖🏖🏖🏆 Thanks for my love, one and only @shah168 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The second part of my life has begun, and I will be wiser, stranger, healthier & happier. This new part of my life I will get what I want to form it! I’ll be in a bodybuilding contest and also, powerlifting competition to gain mine deserve titles! 🎂🎂 I already started coach globally, but I will boost more and more..... I’m not 40, and I’m 30 with more ten years experience! 🥇🏋️‍♀️🥊🏆 #happybirthday #havazi #havazilondon #liamgol #18june #hapiness #fitness #love #gift #fitnessmagazine #birthdayboy #40thbirthday #sucsess #healhtynutrition #fitnessmodel #competiter #coach #fitnesscoach
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Els diumenges 15, 29 de juliol i 4 d'agost, de 10h a 12h Taller d'abundància i vida a càrrec de Maria Iglesias @mariaiglesiaspnl. Què ens afecta i què ens limita per ser persones plenes i abundants? Coneixerem aquests factors i ens endinsarem en el Mètode Lux per entendre i canviar els bloquejos en el tema de l'abundància, des del Coaching, la PNL i la Psicogenealogia. Preu: 30€ per taller o 80€ si es paga de cop. Cal inscripció prèvia: / / 690127036 #lacasamare #abundancia #vida #vidaplena #vivintambplenitud #creenceslimitants #actituds #coach #coaching #pnl #transgeneracional #psicogenealogia #tallers
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