Outtake, Friday prayer (Jumu'ah) in the south part of the Calais Jungle, a couple weeks before it was removed, Calais, France, February 2016. All right reserved © Clément Martz. - The south part of the Jungle Camp was forcefully evacuated by the French authority in late February/early March 2016. While many left the jungle with having no where else to go, the majority of migrant and refugee families had to relocate in the north part of the camp. As a referendum was placed by volunteers and activists to avoid such drastic measures prior to the demolishment , many migrants were waiting anxiously with greater uncertainty about their future and their dream to reach England seemed to disappear. - The south part of the jungle camp population was still around 3455 at the time, the containers could take up to 1500 people and only accommodations for 1556 migrants from the jungle were available all around France during that period. Unfortunately, this left a large number of migrants without any other options on where to go. #thecalaisjungle#calaisjungle#calais#calaismigrants#fridayprayer#closedborders#humanrights#migrantsrights#photodocumentary
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