Throwback... Für alle die mich mal ohne Bart sehen wollten. Wer errät wie alt das Bild ist? . . #cli#cli#climb/a> #bou#bouldern #bouldering #sportfrei #sportday #sports #boulder #climb #boulders #climb #climber #klettern #climb_lover #climb_pictures_of_instagram #throwback #tb
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I tend to move very fast or very slow with not much time or patience for the in-between. Doesn’t matter if it’s climbing or making art or reading a book or cleaning - it’s usually all or nothing for me. So here I am now, walking laps around the C and D concourses at the Washington Dulles Airport. After yesterday’s busy day then a full night of travel, I was stoked to be on the last leg of the voyage to get out east.....when the plane turned around in the air and landed back at the airport with technical difficulties and no immediate plans to depart. It’s out of my control and I can feel the usual restlessness build. Walking, painting my nails, snacking, listening to music, maybe buying an awfully overpriced airport beer, stretching - anything and everything to make the time pass faster. It’s a good (yet hella annoying) forced lesson in patience. 📸 by @allisonelizabethtimms. Definitely daydreaming about climbing on this gloomy, rainy, airport-locked day.
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I found this hilarious post on mtn project of someone asking if it would be a good idea to scrub all the lichen off of the route Inner Space in Eldorado canyon recently. Here is @nickschlichtman climbing it back in the spring, lichen and all...
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