Lawsuits aim to make oil companies pay damages for actions causing climate change – I Care Movement Lawsuits took down Big Tobacco. Can they make oil companies accountable for climate change? A growing list of US cities and counties are suing fossil fuel companies for damages linked to #climatechange. Among the defendants are #Shell and #ExxonMobil. Emerging evidence suggests that these companies understood the warming effects of greenhouse gas emissions decades ago, yet engaged in a massive campaign to persuade the public otherwise and to discredit the science. The plaintiffs want these companies to pay for some of the infrastructure needed to protect against floods and other climate-related disasters. Read the full article on ( link in the bio ) If I poisoned your food or trashed your garden and I got caught, I would have to go to jail or pay a fine. Oil, coal, and gas companies have been and still are poisoning the whole planet. Not only that, they have known that what they are doing is causing harm and they have been and still are spending millions of dollars to cover it up and to lobby governments to collude with them. Why are they allowed to get away with their crimes on a huge scale, when you or I would get punished if we did the same thing on a small scale? I really hope that the courts are independent, uncorrupt and courageous enough to punish fossil fuel companies (and hopefully governments) for their crimes and their deceptions. Big tobacco didn’t get away with it forever and seeing many governments are obviously well and truly owned by the polluters, the courts are our best hope for quick action. We are building a community of people who care about the climate. Join us! Together we can achieve more. Follow @unite_to_stop_climate_change Tag a friend. #icaremovement
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