This is giving us all of the feels right now 🙌🏻🥰 We’re so chuffed with the response we’ve had from you guys about our candles, receiving orders via Etsy, DM and in person! You guys are incredible! Feeling so blessed and thankful right now 💕 * * * * #mrshinch #mrshinchmademedoit #hinching #hinchhaul #minky #minkeh #imahincher #cleaningmotivations #cleaningobsessed #zoflora #zofloraaddict #zoflorahome #cleanwithme #keepitclean #instahome #cleanhome #homestaging #homeblogger #interiorblogger #cleanliving #cleaninginspo #tidyhometidymind #shoppinghaul #hinched #interior123 #interior125 #interior2you #kitchenlove #housebeautiful #pocketofmyhome
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Any day that starts with a smoothie bowl is a GOOD day! ☀️ To make it even better I add a scoop of my @fit_delis protein powder! Plant protein is the only protein I will use. 100% natural - nothing nasty added just complete goodness... Use my code CHLOES20 to received 20% off! Happy Thursday everyone! 💛🖤
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✨Rosemary✨ I love rosemary as a herb! It’s one of the first herbs I put in my garden, I dry my own rosemary and I tend to put it in a lot of my cooking. As an oil however I tend to overlook it all too often. It was one of those oils that I had but never really turned too for emotional support and always seemed to grab something else out before I even considered rosemary. This was until recently!!! I suffer from a little thing called mum brain. If your a mum you will know what I am talking about and if your not, well put it this was you sometimes tend to forget.... a lot!! It was bad. To the point where you could tell me something and I would just completely forget. So I thought to myself well what can I do about this. I looked into some of my oils and I found that this little beauty has some amazing properties both physically and emotionally. Research indicates that inhaling rosemary oil helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for thinking, concentration and memory. Because of this ability, it may help bring mental clarity and aides the mind to transition from one of confusion to open minded and focused. It’s ability to help in clear the mind is also great for those suffering from anxious or depressed feelings. Rosemary is also amazing for hair and dandruff and is a great addition to your conditioner if you suffer from mild hair loss #postpartumhairloss and/or dandruff. I found adding a few drops to come apple cider vinegar and spraying it directly onto the scalp and massaging before rinsing off a great way to add rosemary into your hair washing routine. What’s your favorite use for rosemary oil?
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Fresh Tip by @nourish_naturally: Freeze extra fruit and herbs into ice cube trays with water before they spoil.
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Last week I received this beautiful bracelet with lava stone from Canary islands! It is not only beautiful piece to wear, it works as a portable diffuser as well! The Canary Islands Lava is a natural, porous mineral, a magmatic rock that perfectly attracts and holds oils. Especially if they are high quality, natural essential oils. Just add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the bracelet and it will keep aroma for several days wherever you go! Want to get your own bracelet? Check link in my profile!
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