I'll be writing a Bible lesson based on these 6 household items. Can you try to guess what these are about? And yes, I realized putting nails on a salt box is scary. Will definitely provide alternatives for that. No kids were harmed in the process. 😂
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What if, instead of trying to make the most of our time, we worked harder at savoring it? -Sarah Mackenzie, Teaching From Rest #snowday #CCSpiritWeek2018
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My hubby loves to cook. I love to bake. Fortunately, my 12 year old got the best mix of us and loves to #create all kinds of goodies in the kitchen. One of the many blessings of #homeschool is that our kiddos can spend time exploring and growing in their passions, to take time and energy to truly discover their talents, and blossom in them. #CCSpiritWeek2018 Chocolate cookies created by my daughter. 📷 by me.
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Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Or because he is. Or because he can suddenly read things. Or because I have a deeper sense of how time simply *is* slipping between my fingers, and my sides hurts when I do yard work now, and I can only drink coffee first thing in the morning because I’m old. Or because we just read about the Israelites who wandered in the desert to bring about the death of an unbelieving generation and the hard realities of our disobedience this brought to bare on my heart. Whatever the contributing factors may be, I keep asking myself lately, “Maybe I let him play outside too much? Maybe I leave too much free time? Really, what does starting out the attic window or tromping around the backyard for hours on end really accomplish? Is this because I’m too lazy to do more? Is this crafting of childhoods the specific good work God had laid out for me? Will I regret this?” This is where I feel the discomfort of faith in our choice to keep the kids home with me and leave (lots of) room for synthetic, hands on learning. Parenting is such a long season of patiently waiting for the seeds to germinate and pop up, especially if you don’t have the solid checklist in the form of bus stops and physical report cards to help you *see* measurable results. I am reminded of a section in Isaiah that described the sowing being accompanied with tears. The uncertainty of this work can feel like that. I fall back on this: in all times, situations, and places, the Holy Spirit has constant access to my child and is able to teach, inspire, equip, mature. May God bring an abundant harvest! #homeschool #lifestylelearning #play #lethemplay #playisthehighestformofresearch #CharlotteMason #classicaleducation #classicalchristianeducation
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New quarter = new artwork! We're continually impressed by the high quality work our students produce. 🎨#monart #classicalchristianeducation #gofawarriors
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Our wonderful ILS faculty, including Ms. Habrecht and Miss Leithart, have been enjoying some #ils#ilsday fun! How are you spending the snow day? . . . #ilsalexandria #ils #immanuellutheranschool #snowday #teachers #classicalchristianeducation #classicalschool #delrayva #alexandriava #extraordinaryalx
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