We LOVE when patients share their homework with us! Each session we make sure the individual goes away with information, practical strategies and accountability to make sure they’re looking after themselves! How amazing is this list of restorative activities?
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On a scale of 1 to Izzy, how excited are you about our newest Mums👶🏻 n Bubs/Women’s Health class kickstarting next Wednesday 23rd October at 10.30am?! 👏🏻 The best part? Our women’s health specialist, Michelle will be taking this class to provide you with the very best postnatal care 😌 Get booking mums and mums🤰🏼 to be, the class is live now on MINDBODY 😍
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Tired of pretending, I am longing to say. Just how sad i am on the inside. All this pain. Its exhausting. How can i cope; being me today. and being me tomorrow. - her thoughts on sad days Artwork by @julika.illustration
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