At this point I should just make laminated cards for all my doctors but I know the nurse will make me list them out loud again anyway and then the doctor will ask me to repeat them even though I've had the nurse, it's in my chart, and I have the laminated card 😂 Have any of you ever written out or printed a list for your doctor only for them to make you verbally communicate it all? . . [ID: A meme of a Siamese cat's head floating over a background of various shades of blue. In white text it reads, "'Please list any medical conditions' Writes Novel"] . . #acidreflux #adrenalfatigue #anxiety #depression #anxietyanddepression #has#hashimotosthyroiditis #hashimotos #hypothyroidism #hypermobility #hormoneimbalance #fibrousdysplasia #fibromyalgia #dysautonomia #raynauds #raynaudsphenomenon #raynaudssyndrome #vestibularheadache #vestibularmigraine #migraine #leakygutsyndrome #ibs #irritiblebowlsyndrome #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicillnesswarrior #spoonie #superspoonie
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🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Haha meeeeeeeee 😋 Even my students help me keep track of my life! Gotta love that #fibrofog #ehlersdanlossyndrome #fibromyalgia #chronicillnesswarrior #specialeducationteacher #invisibleillness #seizures
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It’s been four years without the butterfly rash that is so commonly known to accompany lupus. My symptoms have generally been all internal. My body has attacked my kidneys, my heart, my nervous symptom, my bones and joints etc. but there has been a part of me to be so vainly thankful to have avoided the prominent butterfly rash. Any hint of red and I just covered it with some makeup and moved on feeling better about it. • Today, as I was getting ready for church. I looked at my face and immediately felt sad. My face is getting redder and redder. Is that a word? Should I say more red? Either way. I reached for makeup and ever so gently heard, “put it back you’re reaching for the wrong foundation”. I looked in the mirror again and thought really God leave the house with nothing on?! to which I heard so lovingly, “Yes, walk out boldly and beautiful you because even in your darkest days and moments you can shine and illuminate me through it.” • I had so many but Gods. But my self esteem, it’s low...My confidence feels non existent... I love makeup it’s one of my favorite things...I’m not pretty with this rash. It’s too obvious. I’m so red. It needs to be covered. No one wants to look at me. I’m scared. This rash is another sign of progression and now everyone can see what the inside doesn’t show. I just need to cover it all up!’re reaching for the wrong foundation. • Okay. Nothing it is. As the morning went on and my self consciousness grew. Through worship the words hit me. I am loved, I’m made pure, I have life, I can breathe, I am healed, I am free. See the whole time I wanted to hide and mask the shame I felt through my ugliness (dramatic? listen we all have our moments) and thought that’s what would make me feel better... you’re reaching for the wrong foundation. Don’t mistake what I’m saying. God is totally okay with makeup!! Don’t get cray on me people. He’s not okay with me looking to something superficial for comfort and beauty outside of Him. The fact that I have life and I can breathe through this horrible sickness is quite a bit to be thankful for. My healing will come. Until then I can walk in freedom and confidence with or without makeup be
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This photo holds so much significance to mum us as a team. This was the first time I alerted to her in public, and down she went. Passed out with me on the floor. The wonderful @mehh.g captured the moment and sent it to mum's mom. Mum's mom never liked dogs before I came along. But when she saw this picture, she cried. She was so happy mum had me to look out for her. We have come so far as a team since this picture, (taken almost a year ago now) and every day we become a closer and more cohesive team. Mum has become much more dependent on me than she was then. Now, I am so much more to her than just an alert dog. At times I am her eyes, or her ears, or her anchor to reality. But at all times, I am her window to the world. She cannot access it without me, and I wouldn't want to reach it without her.• • • •tags• #grootsgearmodel #servicedog #servicedogssavelives #lifeofaservicedog #herodog #superdog #workingdog #workingdogsofinstagram #servicedogsofinstagram #respectthevest #medicalalertdog #guidedog #migrainedog #chronicmigraines #dysautonomia #depression #anxiety #tachycardia #adoptdontshop #heelersofinstagram #heelermix #boxermix #labmix #dutchshepherd #dutchshepherdsofinstagram #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #spoonie
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This last couple of weeks have been some of the hardest I've had as a mum. An infection led to the worst crash / flare with my disability that I think I've ever had. I've been so unwell and so weak and in so much pain. But life goes on when you're a mum and parenting still has to happen - even if you can't walk and feel sick with exhaustion. I desperately needed rest, but I had a 4 year old who desperately needed her mummy to help her through her grief so that's what had to happen. So I've played the ultimate juggling act this last week - juggling sickness, pain, weakness, exhaustion with parenting and my 4 year olds panic attacks and sleepless nights, and somehow, somewhere, I found the time to keep juggling the work stuff too. Deadlines still were met. Writing work completed. 4 year old parented and reassured and supported. Illness managed, the best I could. All that's left now that I'm better is to conquer the mountain of laundry I have leftover, because there's really only so many balls even I can juggle at one time. Thank Goodness I'm better. Here's hoping for a far easier week ahead, but if not? I'll manage. I always do ;)
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Have a photo from this week past with some ginger tea, honey, and my favorite chocolate (and a cat photobomb 🙀) • • • Had my hopeful doctor appointment the other day. A big success (compared to lots of others)! The doctor actually sat and listened to my concerns and didn't tell me to just pop a Tylenol or keep trying to exercise more 😅 However, even though I was already prepared and ready for this from research, being told to my face that if I do have fibromyalgia that there's nothing that can be done to help it was a little rough. Even though I already knew there's no cure, just the wording really hit me in the face, but I'll be alright 😬 (trying to be anyways) They did say my symptoms sound like MS to them though 😰 But we're planning to get me into a rhemologist to figure it out. • • • As far as my stomach issues go, they suggested I try a low fat diet and see if it helps and cutting all diary out as I can. So far, still feeling nausea after anything I eat even when taking the diet suggestion, so.. 😬😬 We're gonna do an ultra of my gull-balder to rule out if that's a causing factor in the pain. My GI appointment is coming up though, so he'll hopefully know some more ideas about what could be going on with my nausea and stomach pain after eating. 🤞So much going on and only so many spoons and time 😬 • • • • • • #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicpainwarrior #spoonie #spoonielife #spooniewarrior #spooniecommunity #tea #darkchocolate #pusheen #pusheenthecat #mugaddict
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