Less mighty! #chooseyourmood
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It took time, effort, ups, downs, and so much learning about myself. I'm far from perfect, but overall I'm happy, full of energy, and lovin life and isn't that what it's all about anyway!? . Yes there's a size and weight difference but honestly it's the feelings inside that mean so much more. . Feeling confident in who I AM! Enjoying shopping with friends. Energy to go go go all day long! Accepting compliments from my hubs & finally believing them! . It's a messy, fun, rewarding journey and oh so worth It!
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It's the first day of spring why not indulge in a relaxing good-for-you self care practice. We know you deserve it! #selfcare #selflove #lifetherapy #chooseyourmood 📷 by @alison_wu . . . . . #bathtime #citrus #energized #awaken #liveyourbestlife #firstdayofspring #bodycare #bathandbody #madeintheUSA #metime #skincare #mindful #mindbody
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And we’re celebrating with FREE SHIPPING on all Australian orders for the next 24 hours. Head to the link in our bio to make some scented memories and shop up a scent storm! 💙  #freeshipping #internationalfragranceday #nationalfragranceday #scentmemories . Ends at 9am AEST 22 March 2018. Only available to Australian residents.
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So many times as oil lovers, we have an immediate oil solution for every problem 💁🏼 but as believers, our first response must always be 👉🏻 Jesus 👈🏻 We are called to share His good news First above everything else, and ya'll, we serve a miracle worker! Prayer is real, and prayer works. So next time you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or hurting... grab your Bible, get on your knees, and then just go ahead and take a bath in the oils girlfriend! 😍
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