EDC Day #3 #edc #choices
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4 mile run from and back to my at-home tabata workout because some days are made for doubles and my audible book chapter was very convicting today🙌🏻🏃🏻‍♀️💪🎧😅🙏📚 . . . #neededthat #rungirl #sweattherapy #clearhead #runatx #runhappy #motherrunner #girlwashyourface #choices #youbeyou #runwithjoy #doublesday #selfcare #GodsCanvas #weimlover
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Compound movements have been, and always will be, dominant in the exercises we have available to us for training. Hip hinge, pressing, pulling and squat movements will not be effective unless we can create a safe and stable environment to work within.Usually performed with very little knowledge of breathing and bracing, along with not being able to stabilize then lockdown, it’s crazy that people continue to perform them repeatedly - There are some fundamentals that are a must before taking on these movements - Learn how to breathe & brace - Learn how to stabilize and lock down - Identify movement capabilities and lever lengths to determine the safest possible set up - Drop the ego and be prepared to regress before you progress - Having coached @fio@awolfe1 from having never lifted weights in the past, we spent some time mastering the basics. Moving on then to cover all the vital areas needed to tackle this lift - In the video, Fiona is set up in her safest possible position and confidently pulls 10 reps @ 95% of her 1rm - Coaching, for the most part, is easy. A client will always leave clues to inform the thought process I’ll use for exercise prescription. But 9 times out of 10 they will need to be taken back to master some basics and then progress on!
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