These are so good!!🍫
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Complimentary Chocolate & Wine Tasting tonight 6-7:30pm! Special discounts for tonight only 🎉🎉🎉‼️ #fudgeflight #winetasting #chocolatemoonshine #grassrootsandvine
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Stop by Black Eyed Susan and try our NEW Chocolate Moonshine Bars. They are wrapped in pure Belgian chocolate, filled with a silky smooth center made of cream & fresh-pressed fruits, and uniquely hand painted with French cocoa butter…flavors include Smoked Whiskey, Irish Cream, Black Cherry Bourbon, and Orange Bourbon. (Bars are non-alcoholic) These make a great Valentine’s Day ❤️Treat for him! #chocolatemoonshine #valentinesday
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When you are on vacation you need a lil chocolate moonshine in the coffee to start your day ☕❤😁 #chocolatemoonshine #oldforgedistillerymoonshine
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