[Song: Raw Cuts 006 - Matador] Sad times :(
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https://hedrickmusic.bandcamp.com/track/grifter Hey everyone! Check out my new track, Grifter! Probably one of my more Dance/EDM tracks. #edm #dance #music #musicproducer #musicproduction #flstudio #beats #chillbeats #art #electronicmusic #musictech #aesthetic #grifter
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i got a story about this one... i remember back in technical college there was this BEAUTIFUL woman i was hella intrigued by that i shared a logic class with. i wanted to talk to her but she would always disappear after class. i was studying alone in the hallway one day before going home when i saw her at a table studying as well...i really wanted to talk to her, so i was trying to think of something to say...lo and behold she was studying for our logic class and i saw the textbook our class was assigned to. so i walked over, and started a convo about our logic class. after exchanging numbers, texting, then studying together twice, after awhile her texts began to seem as she didnt want to study with me anymore. in the middle of the semester we stopped texting each other. at the end of the semester we just walked past each other in the hallways and didnt acknowledge each other. this beat reminds me of the times we studied together. song: so tarted album: gentleness of linne link in bio
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