My jean jacket boys. 💙 #wilderwise🍄
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These kiddos. Each of them play such a unique role in our family. I’m so excited to see how this new lil one will add something to our family that we were missing. How he or she will challenge and grow our family. God knows this baby inside and out already and He has given us each child for a reason, it’s a daunting thought, but also such an exciting one. . . . Have you noticed your kiddos adding/challenging/growing/blessing you in ways you didn’t even know you needed? Would love to hear your experiences with this! 😍🙌🏻 . . . . . #lifeofamother #mamalife #momlife #39weekspragnant #thirdpregnancy #childrenareablessing #motherhood #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodintheraw #toddlerstyle #siblinglove #honesweethome #simplicity #minimalismwithkids
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On the twenty-second day of my birth month, my crazy life brought to me: a blended family. And that is not a concept that is understood by many. But, when Lance and I transitioned into coparents, I remember making a promise to my daughter that I’d never keep her father out of her life unless that’s where he wanted to be. • I work in environments where some of my families have to swaps at police stations to avoid getting physical with each other... it’s so heartbreaking. Loving each other is not a requirement, but loving her certainly is. And in order to do that successfully, blended is best... for us, at least. • Lance & I FaceTime one another every night so whoever doesn’t have her can talk to her, she knows she can grab the phone and ask for one of us and that is completely acceptable; I FaceTime Lance’s gf when she has her while he works; my fiancé FaceTimes Lance when I’m not with him because he wants to see her; MJ & Maddy join us for swaps; I picked Remi up from Maddy today to hang out because I did a late day and she picked her up from me; Lance and I do photo shoots together... the list is endless. • It’s unconventional, which is kind of sad in and of itself. And, frankly, we couldn’t care less how others view that. You see that pure happiness on her face? That, folks, is a daily gift. She’s been blessed with a bonus parents and while that hasn’t always been easy to accept, that joy is hard to steal from her. • The way I see it... one day she’ll look back and realize we’ve just always been this happily blended family. As crazy as it is, is a rare gift that I am glad to be able to provide for her. I'm thankful I have a partner that is on board with that and treats her like his own. • Have a blessed Friday, y'all❣️
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This little ham turned 11 months on Sunday. He is full of mischief and loves being silly. He has been taking steps, and it won’t be long before he gains a little more confidence and is off and running. He says “mama”, “daddy”, and a few other words. He can also call for “maverick”, our Rottweiler. He is quickly transitioning from baby to toddler, a milestone I want to pretend isn’t happening. His smile lights up the room and his giggles are contagious. Being his Mommy is a gift I’ll never take for granted. Happy 11 months Grayson, you are loved beyond measure. #11monthsold #6tharrow #babyboy #ilovebeingamom #capturedmoments #ig_motherhood #timeslowdownplease #childrenareablessing
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Building a strong foundation. One connector at a time. . . .🍯 🗣👼🏼👱🏿‍♀️👶🏻🧒🏽👱🏻‍♀️👦🏾👶🏼👧🏻👧🏿 #building #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #wearethemovement #movementismedicine #modelingforkids #montessori #childrenareablessing #kids #learntodance #coloryourdays#learningphotography #photography #photooftheday
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