Oh to be flat on my back like James is, for as many hours as he is! Having 3 kids 4 and under is busy. Beyond BUSY! Super BUSY! There’s a never ending list of chores. Simple things like an uninterrupted meal, uninterrupted bathroom break, drinking hot tea are now extra special treats. My sis was sharing she saw a twin mom with 2 helpers enjoying her noodles. Unlike me who has to wolf it down in one minute followed by loads of liquids to bloat the carbs. 😂. . Seriously, how does it work for those with more than 3 kids? @justtey @theperfectfather You guys are amazing! Tell me all your secrets!! . Yay it’s the end of their holidays. I can’t wait for school to start on Monday. . Romper @rags_to_raches. . . . . . #365daysofjameslevi #82daysold #sleepingbaby #mamarazzi #mumsofinstagram #sporemumblogger #watchthemgrow #beingamum #dailyparenting #sgmum #sgmums #sgmummy #sgparent #sgkids #sgbaby #sgtoddler #bondingtime #thechildrenoftheworld #childofig #momswithcameras #letthembelittle #thepursuitofjoyproject #documentlife #sim#simplychildren #motherhoodsimplified #enchantedchildhood #umh_kids #ohheymama #simplychildren #tagyourrags
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THIS CONTENT IS FROM FORWARDED MESSAGE . I wish I'd never worried about when I was a new mother: 1️⃣Breastfeeding: is she getting enough? Is my supply enough? There are fat rolls on the kid, for god's sake! 2️⃣. Hand sucking: why is she doing that? Will it become a habit? Baby hands are clean and those are the objects within their reach all the time. Better their hand than my boobs for entertainment. 3️⃣. Diapers: are diapers evil? Will my child never be potty-trained because I put on diapers for her? Diapers rock. They save you from becoming insane. 4️⃣. Solids: OMG, what solids should I give? OMG, will this child ever eat? OMG, am I going to be breastfeeding till she's 90 years old? She will eat, eventually. Also, she won't pass out because she didn't finish her bowl. It's all right if she doesn't eat a meal at all. 5️⃣ PPD: That's it, my life is over. This sucks. Things are going to suck for a very long time, but at some point, you are going to let go and enjoy yourself. 6️⃣Fat: Am I fat? Yes. You just gave birth. It's all right to lose a Miss Universe contest right now. But you can lose the weight. It will happen someday. Don't worry about the husband not finding you sexy blah blah. He's as sleep deprived as you are and can't see very well. 7️⃣ Babysitting and daycare: CAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD EVER LOOK AFTER MY CHILD THE WAY I CAN? No. And thank god for that or your kid will become a mighty, clingy pain in the ass. Let other people take care of your child. Give them a chance. Let them make mistakes and figure it out. Learn to be a bystander. 8️⃣. Career: It's finished, right? It needn't be. It's all right for priorities to change. Don't feel guilty, don't be ashamed. Do what works for you and don't compare yourself with other mothers. 9️⃣🔟In the comments ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️
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