Throwback to when I met one of my drumming heroes @jpbouvet 2yrs ago when he stopped by Sydney, Australia with his band @childishjapes. JP helped me with my groove development through different half-time patterns. Thanks JP for the lesson! Swipe ⬅ for some drumming goodness #drums #drummer #drumlife #practicelife #jpbouvet #childishjapes #musiclife #gro#groovelopment #groove #drumlesson #nobodycaresgoharder #workhardplayhard #tb #tbt #thr#throwbackthursday #throwback
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Spring is nice and today is gorgeous . Sometimes work forces us to be busy when we don’t want to be. In a backwards way, I am grateful that this week is so un-busy. I had time to take this picture (and to enjoy taking it), make a delicious lunch for myself, and really practice some overdue things slowly and patiently. Totally worth it. So thanks, Universe, for these days off! . Looking ahead for some days ON: . 4/16 // 8pm & 915pm @theburenbkny —Duo: @asherkurtz_music and I— (new spot/ every Tuesday btw!) . 4/21 // 7pm @jazzhabitat —Music of Bob Dylan— @yum@yumasax - bass clarinet @dav@dav@dav@davidleonsmusic - alto saxo @floherz - bass @dayeon_seok_ - drums . 4/24 // 8pm & 930pm @barlunatico —Trio w/ — @nick.dunston - bass #tomasfujiwara - drums . 4/25 // 9pm @nublunyc Classic —Tearlick— @yumasax - woodwinds @davidleonsmusic - ww’s @aaronquinnguitar - guitar @ste@stephenboegehold - drums . 4/28 // 8pm @threesbrewing —Griffin Brown— @griffinbrown_ - voice @alecgoldfarb - guitar #jonelbaz - piano @stephethememe - bass @stevencrammer - drums @davidleonsmusic - alto saxo . 4/30 // 830pm & 1030 Bar Next Door —David Leon Trio— @samuel3weber - bass @stephenboegehold - drums . 5/1 // 1030pm @thefootlightbar —Childish Japes— Guest with @childishjapes ❤️ . 5/2 // 7:30pm @hostoscenter —Carlos Henriquez Big Band: “Machito and the Impact of the Afro-Cubans at 80”— . 5/3 // 8pm @scholesstreetstudio — Ben Rolston’s Quartet Quartet plays Philip Glass String Quartet No.5— @benrolstonmusic - bass @lexkorten - piano @deepfrieddrum - drums @davidleonsmusic - alto saxo . . . . . . . #saxophone #improvisedmusic #jazz #latinjazz #nyc#nycmusician #brooklyn #nycmusic #bobdylan #mac#machitoandhisafrocubans #machito #tribute #philipglass #childishjapes #jpbouvet #altosaxo #bushwick #improvisation #tearlick #spring #thevillagenyc #davidleontrio #barnextdoor
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╹NO. 218╹ - What’s up everyone, having a great Sunday so far? Welcome back to The Midday Cup. While there are many amazing benefits and positive aspects to social media today I want to shed light on some not so great aspects that you may not have considered, and provide possible ways to counteract them. - Perpetuation of dogmatic thought and lack of nuance. The world is not as simple as black and white and today with social media at it’s highest high, it is easier than ever to get trapped in an echo chamber. We follow only people we want to follow, only people we agree with, we only consider the validity of those who we believe to be correct and we only believe them to be correct because we have been told that they are correct. - Now days, it is easier to follow the masses than ever. Why do we think what we think and believe what we believe? Is it because we are a part of a group that believes it? Is it because everyone else says it’s right, so we too must think it is right? If the answer is yes then one solution is to stray from that way of thinking. Consider what the opposition has to say, seek to better understand it. In doing so seek to better understand your own position. - Furthermore, what we see, constantly as we scroll through social media, is food for our subconscious. Is your feed inundated with one sided views and post after post supporting and perpetuating those views? I think for most of us the answer is yes. Seek to understand views outside of your own, take interest in things you may not be interested in, seek to understand the world from someone else’s perspective. Now more than ever it is so easy to shut the door and block out what you don’t want to hear/see. DON’T. Leave the door open, let it all in. - Follow @theordinarycup if you aren’t already for daily posts year around! - This song is Before You Did @childishjapes - • • • • • • • • • • • • • - #coffee#theordinarycup#camarillo#college#cupofjoe#coffeeandcream#halfandhalf#perspective#thedailycup#lunch#sunday#happySunday#boringcoffee#ordinary#weekend#javacity#middaycup #childishjapes#rock#music#activism#philosophygl#caffine#perpetual#denial#nuance#socialmedia#freespeech#dogma#beforeyoudie
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Working on this @childishjapes tune for some upcoming @officialsodacat gigs, it's a bit of an awkward one 🤷‍♂️ . @jpbouvet writes some mad parts! It feels like I'm tripping up over myself playing the A Section groove 🤦‍♂️ . Ps. This video loops really well ➿ . @istanbulagop @gretschdrums @vicfirth @meinlcymbals #instagroove_
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