Big chops for these beautiful sisters 👯‍♀️ #cutsbyamanda
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89% of you voted that you wanted to see the "real me" so it's ✌🏾out to the pattern. Don't worry we'll still be doing product breakdowns and the #hairwitchremix . After all this page is really about YOU. Thank you for the messages, encouragment, prayers, and birthday wishes. Social media is a beautiful thing if you allow to be. Buckle up and be prepared to see a lot of blondes, soy lattes, and my lazy eye. We gon keep it real over here❕
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Is silver hair season finally over? Please let it be over.
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Hair makin me want a pumpkin spice latte real bad ... 🍁
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This hair screams “ITS FALL 🍁🍂”
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